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  1. There are times that we need to be able to force the system to perform a poll with out waiting for the next collector polling of the system to verify that what we did has resolved the issue and LM detects that the issue is fixed. On the old monitoring software we use to use before LM we had this manual refresh button for each monitored service on the system. I would like to have a similar button in LM.
  2. We would also like to make sure the instance that is being used in the cluster alert does not show any alerts in the alert section. If it does show the alerts from the devices and the cluster then it defeats the whole point of us using the cluster alert. We are trying to make it less confusing for our NOC.
  3. We are using multi ping to ping two or more different IPs as a way to verify that a VPN tunnel is up and running. What we need is a way to trigger an alert only if all multi ping instances for a given VPN have triggered an alert. The Ping (Multi) we have setup has multiple IP targets for a number of different VPNs so the process needs to let us choose which of the instances to check in the alert cluster before triggering the alert. We would also like an alert to trigger if the multi ping instance has an alert and the IPSec (CISCO ASA) Tunnel shows an alert for the same subnet. Another way would be if the devices that the multi ping on our end fails, but the collector at the location where the actual target devices are show the devices in good health for the pings then trigger an alert.
  4. A way to monitor the health of AD replication and alert us if there are any replication errors between AD Sites or Domain Controllers.
  5. I know there is a count of systems on the root, but it would be helpful to have a count of how many systems are under a given device group.
  6. We request another way for Logic Monitor to gather information from Linux based systems besides SNMP. Using SNMP involves installing NET-SNMP so taking up additional storage space. It would be better if Logic Monitor had an option for monitoring Linux systems like we had using Sitescope. In Sitescope all it needed was SSH and a dedicated login credential for the system. The Monitor would connect to the Linux based system through SSH and run scripts pertaining to what aspects were monitoring on that system. Then stores the results to be displayed on the console. Similar to using WMI in Windows.
  7. Yes, I already know about the token for alert messages sent by email, but what I am requesting is a link on the Alerts page next to each alert when click will take you to whatever URL you specified with said token and not just an alert message such as an email. Does this v.69 ##DeviceURL## show up on the alert page?
  8. We would like an option to add a URL link to the alerts in the service level or at least system level. That way when an alert shows up in the Alerts section NOC could click on the link to see what they need to do to troubleshot that issue or escalate to the next tier. Right now I am not seeing any way to add troubleshooting notes for the service or system. Just adding in a link to the generated email is not enough.