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  1. Have the ability to select on the Bandwidth Report the Top N (10, 50, 100) Interfaces for Utilisation based on the Average. Many of our customers are only concered with highly utilised lines for capacity puposes, and dont want to see every interface thats monitored. Additionally a nice to have would be to be able to filter against the Interface Description / IfAlias so the we can report only on things labeled e.g. "ACCESS" circuits
  2. This is for standalone none resilient collectors. A "Collector Down" can cause multiple associated node down alerts. It would be a good to have the option to Suppress associated Node Down alerts created from a Collector Down event. So Collector down is a Root Cause Alert and the associated Device Downs from devices that are managed by the collector are suppressed / dampened, until the collector is back on line, if there is an outstanding dampened alert for a down device, that has not cleared when the collector is back on line then this is then released into the LM browser. Obviously the best solution is to have a resilient set up, but unfortunately this is not always the case with customers.