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  1. Thank you for your quick response. I feel like I am close. I wrote code to return the device and datasource info. Here is a sample output: id : 58 deviceId : 1 dataSourceId : 94 dataSourceName : WinVolumeUsage- dataSourceDescription : dataSourceDisplayName : Volume Usage graphs : overviewGraphs : groupName : Disks deviceName : c896-01 deviceDisplayName : volta-c896-01 monitoringInstanceNumber : 2 instanceNumber : 2 instanceAutoGroupEnabled : False groupsDisabledThisSource : status : 0 createdOn : 0 updatedOn : 1490145619 assignedOn : 1490145552 nextAutoDiscoveryOn : 1490231952 autoDiscovery : True isMultiple : True alertStatus : none alertStatusPriority : 100000 sdtStatus : SDT-none-none alertDisableStatus : none-none-none stopMonitoring : False alertingDisabledOn : sdtAt : _hs-customer dataSourceType : DS From this I believe the $resourcePath = '/device/devices/1/devicedatasources/94/instances/2/data' should be correct but I get an output of: Status:1007 Response: What am I missing?
  2. So I have had pretty good luck converting the Python examples to Powershell. The one thing I can not figure out how to do is return volume usage for a specific host. Anyone got any example powershell script using Rest API to pull volume usage on a host?
  3. Thanks, I will look at the link. I just discovered another slight issue in that I can't generate a report that says show me all servers with any disk volume over 75%. I can create one that shows me all disk volume usage but no way to filter it to just those over x%. Chatted with support they also could not figure that one out. Any ideas on that?
  4. I want to be able to send customers a monthly report that is a combination of several other reports. So we need a way to multi select reports to create a combined report that will send a single email with a single report that contains the contents of the selected reports. For example I have SLA reports setup for CPU, Memory, and DiskUsage and I have a report that shows a list of all alerts of level Error and above. These are four separate reports. I would like to be able to combine all of these into a single report that gets emailed to the customer. Any ideas how this could be done? Gary
  5. Need to add API call to allow displaying new NOC widget on external site/SharePoint.
  6. IT would be great to have a forum where we could post custom data sources we have created and are willing to share.
  7. We need a place where the community can exchange dashboard and custom datasource ideas. rn
  8. Not sure anyone else has ever had this issue but we have had a few occasions where one of our DNS servers decided not to respond to DNS request for specific local domains before. How about adding under services an additional service type for example DNS that would provide pass/fail and DNS response times from selected DNS servers looking up a given record. I might me the only lucky person who has experienced this so It might not be worth the development time but seems like it would be an easy add if it is worth it to others.
  9. Cant you R-Click on a host inside your building and select MORE, Monitor a Webpage, and enter the internal url of the sites you want to monitor. This will return Response times in milliseconds for each site you configure.
  10. We want to display LoMo charts and dashboards on digital displays that we have around the building so people can see at a glance current network status. For this we need simple visual charts that convey a status just by looking at the color or icons. For example for our websites we monitor we want a simple way to see an up or down status. Another example is we would like to show the bandwidth usage on our internet connections using a speedometer chart. See the attachments for examples.
  11. We have a couple of scenarios where we would like to monitor a file on a server. For example we want to monitor the date created on the Virus.Dat file to make sure it is not older than 3 days. Some products do not write to the event log and instead write to the their own log files. So we might want to monitor for example a mylog.err file and alert if the byte size is more than 0 bytes. The ability to monitor and alert on the following would be great: File size File exist File create date File modify date Thanks!
  12. I know we can monitor for ping failure from one of your external locations but it would be nice to be able to alert on packet loss and ping latency also. We can do it form a collector but not from one of your external sources.
  13. Alex I do something similar. I wrote a powershell script that performs the check for me. Now you have two ways to do this. One is to run the powershell script on the server(s) in question via scheduled task and have it write to the event log if the file is not there. Logic Monitor will pick this up and report it. This works pretty good if you are only needing to do this a small number of servers. The second is to have your powershell accept the server name on a command line and return some value if the server does not contain the file in question. Then create a datasource based on the powershell script and have it pass the Host name to the script and error if the return value is x. This works well if you have lots of systems you want to check. The downside is I am not sure you can schedule it to run exactly at 10:00 in this method. You easily can have it run one a day though.