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  1. There is definitely movement. We opted to solve the problem of drawing network and service maps first, as visualizing these relationships is step one. That is underway, and dependencies are slotted to follow.
  2. Got it. We'll continue to talk about it - while your use case makes sense, the notion is likely to cause confusion given our alert evaluation backend. We'll continue to talk about it. Thanks for the details.
  3. Hi - We continue to revisit 1 & 2, it's just a matter of prioritizing them against some of the new, great features we have planned for this year #3 however gets beyond our scope, just as with the desktop app we don't tend to touch the land of remediation. We have some thoughts re how we might enable that in the future, but they're not currently planned.
  4. Hey Mosh & Thaddeus - We did introduce the option to play a sound, configurable by alert widget. This helps draw attention to the screen if a new alert occurs. Does that help?
  5. Hey Mosh - We're sorting out options on the ingest front currently. The request we here most often is to bring in data from statsD or consul, but a generic endpoint is certainly part of the discussion. We should know more about direction & timing in the next few months.
  6. Noted - it's in our queue.
  7. Hi Drew - the April release should enable you to completely control what displays in the custom graph widget legend. Please let us know if that meets your needs.
  8. We're working on it! Not exactly as you describe, but we are making the architectural changes to allow us to easily treat Services as Devices throughout the application. From there, we'll be able to support SDTs across types.
  9. Hey Mosh - thanks much for the feedback. We've been working through alternatives for this - whether it's going back to the dialog or doing something as you propose with notes. Possibly auto-expanding the row? There are a lot of benefits to the second panel, graphs being one and the next release will include the ability to see alert history. We understand the implications when accessing the alert direct from a widget aren't ideal right now - more to come.
  10. Hi Mark - Thanks for the feedback - we're discussing this from a few different angles right now. The properties issue is one we'd like to address throughout the entire application, and we also have some designs in flight to support groups / glob / top ten. The feedback re where it's useful helps a lot.
  11. We'll be offering a preview this quarter, and are working on our beta schedule.
  12. Hi Tim - It's possible our current alert report can be configured to get you what you need, but we need some more specifics. All alerts will clear automatically over time, only EventSources can be cleared with an acknowledgement but they will auto-clear after a set time range regardless. Are you looking for alerts that cleared without an acknowledgement action? Or is there another condition you're trying to capture?
  13. Hi Mark - Thanks for taking the time to write this up. We're currently knee (possibly neck) deep in designing how take what has historically been a device - instance centric view of the world and extend it to best accommodate applications, services, and clusters. This is on our radar, and we'll keep your specific use case in mind.
  14. Hi Mosh - The alerts a user can view are auto filtered by the devices they have the ability to view. The alerts page should just be a superset of what they can see among the devices page | alerts tab. If that doesn't help, can you provide more details re where it is useful to further filter what a user can see in the alerts page? Thanks!
  15. Hi Clement - We're late to the game with this response, but this issue should be fixed by now. We've added some other features in the meantime, to make it easier to select the lines you want to see, see the min / max / average values, etc. Let us know what you think.
  16. Hi Mosh - Can you give us a few more details re what you're looking to accomplish? We could allow you to clear an alert, but if instance level thresholds exist the alert will just trigger again. Are you looking to reset the thresholds for all instances from the group - and / or to clear group thresholds at a global level?
  17. Hi Brian - Is there a reason those users cannot acknowledge alerts? We've grouped the SDT and acknowledge functions together as they often have the same end result (the device stops alerting). Would love to know more about your use case.
  18. Makes sense - and we'll take that into consideration. We implemented it as is to avoid devices such as routers being added more than once - and we've seen the common use case for Docker has been to add monitoring via other orchestration tools so haven't run into this often.
  19. Versioning is in the works, as well as the ability to restore instances that may be accidentally impacted due to a datasource change. Both should be available middle of this year.
  20. We're actually in Dev to clean this up right now. Expect some updates - along with simpler configuration - in v87.
  21. Hey Jessie - We started to dig in. Unfortunately this requires some pretty significant work around how we handle removing devices on the backend, which means it's not something we can easily slip into a release. We'll put it in the queue, but I don't have a timeline at this point.
  22. Yes, we will allow for the ingestion of StatsD metrics. It requires a bit of a shift in our current paradigm, so we're working through that now. I expect we'll be in beta this year.
  23. Can you give us some more information re your use case? We're open to changing scheduling, but have to balance it with potential impact to our reporting backend.
  24. Hey Jessie - Request makes total sense, especially as it pertains to integrations. Let us dig around a bit and we'll let you know what we come up with.