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  1. Hi, Every morning i have to clear a couple of hundred alerts from my inbox that come in while our customers servers are running backups. We often get 'disk latency' 'network latency' type alerts while the backups are running. As they are run outside of hours, we do not really need these. Please could you add a way of creating SDT based on alert severity or better yet, build a mechanism to schedule backup window times to filter noise alerts like disk latency. I'm sure I'm not the only one to encounter this issue. Kris
  2. Hi, This is really annoying. I have to set custom alerts for our data sources for things like VMware data source usage. The default data sources only give you an error alert when the disk gets to 99% not a critical. I always change this as a data source filling up will take your Vm's offline. I do this for quite a few other alerts too. I then see a new VMware data source that you guys put up and get excited and apply it strait away....overwriting my custom alerts. This normally results in an outage because we didn't notice a data source filling up and a phone call from my boss. so my feature request is...can you guys allow us to 'write protect' our custom alerts so we can import new data sources preserving our custom alerts or changes? Please???
  3. It's now 2017, do you have an update on this please?
  4. Any update on this? Come on guys, it's been ages...!
  5. Has any progress been made on this? I feel we are missing a major part of server monitoring without it.
  6. Yes, this would be handy Josh and would help with grouping devices into the correct LM groups.
  7. This would be a great feature and time and time again we get replication errors between AD servers that go un-noticed. Big thumbs up for this feature.
  8. Hi, As much as i love the graphs and visuals that LM produces for all sorts of metrics, unfortunately a big part of our monitoring is keeping an eye on Windows Event Logs, which i have to say LM is not that good at. Adding exceptions is a pain (i now have so many i often delete them by accident when adding new ones). I have been told this is in the pipeline for the new UI several times but it has not been mentioned as yet. My first line guys check our gfi & LM dashboard every morning and i hear time again that they prefer the gfi one for looking at Event log messages. I have even caught them loading gfi on to servers that already have LM on them (costing us twice the cost). Is there anything in the pipeline for this? I know it's not a priority for you guys, but i think for a lot of customers it would be.
  9. Yes, this would be a very handy feature. We often get wireless DHCP scopes getting full.
  10. Hi, Sometimes we have to set quite a few properties on devices, it would be great to be able to clone these. EG - nodes in a cluster.
  11. Hi, We get quite a few alerts in our LM, about 90% of them are made up of a few problems, like Vmware storage luns. It would be useful to be able to group these, to get rid of the 'noise' calls so we can focus on the more urgent ones. What would be even better would be if you could assign permissions to these groups. For instance, the first line can see certain groups and third line can see other groups. Kris
  12. We need servers to be easily identified by customers, for example 'mail server' 'exchange server' 'ad server'. These may be used for each customer, of which we have you can see this can very quickly get confusing and difficult to manage. I spoke to someone at LM a while ago who said devices were going to get a UID, making it possible to have the same device name used multiple times. Is this not happening?
  13. Annoying isn't it. I have put several requests in for this. It's not so bad for me who uses LM every day, but trying to explain to other people to put a /* sometimes and not others is a nightmare! They are always just typing the customers name in the alerts tab and then telling me Logic Monitor is broken because it doesn't show any alerts.
  14. Hi, Sometimes you need to enter a /* wildcard and sometimes you don't. It's really annoying when you select a group you kind of expect it to add the wildcard for you. Please could you fix this?
  15. I already suggested this. It is very annoying that you cannot have VMHost1 twice....!
  16. Hi, It would be great to see hosts that either have ping loss at 100% or down/no data received to appear in a different colour. It would be handy to see these instantly when looking through the devices. Having a host appear in red could be anything from running out of space to a hardware failure.
  17. Hi, I use the ping.hosts option quite a bit. Firstly it would be great to develop this a little so it had it\'s own gui to add hosts and descriptions. Secondly could you please add an uptime graph like the host uptime one? It would be really useful to see % of uptime on pings.
  18. I have a request open for something very similar, the ability to upload/create network diagrams and have the devices displayed in green, amber, red depending on their status.
  19. Hi, When you try and filter by company name you need to enter a /* at the end. I\'m used to it now, however i keep getting complaints from my boss who never remembers to enter it and wonders why he cannot see the alerts. Kris
  20. We monitor switches and i have noticed that sometimes when ports become unplugged (this may simply be an old device being removed) the status flap alert stays for months and even if we acknowledge it it stays as a current alert. Is there a way of easily correcting this so planned port disconnections can be ignored?
  21. Hi, We have customers with multiple VM hosts and shared SAN storage LUN\'s that are presented to each host. If one of those LUN\'s shows an alert we get the same alert for all three hosts. Would it be possible to amalgamate these into one alert?
  22. I had another request for this from a customer the other day, the IT manager wants to put it on a big screen in his ops room. It would make LM a much easier to sell if we could have this.
  23. This topic has been commented on by several of my customers, they wonder why we send them blank reports...and i struggle to find an answer to that.