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  1. Hi @Tom Lasswell, what version of PowerCLI is required and what versions of VMware are you supporting? The Active Discovery script isn't finding anything for me.
  2. @Michael Rodrigues Thanks for that! If I try to add from repository, ESX VM is coming up as "New" instead of "Show Diff" I also can't see anywhere what properties are exposed by this. Is this expected behaviour, and if so is there a way I can audit the differences to decide if I need Tom's community one as well as the LogicMonitor one? Thanks again!
  3. Thanks Matthew! Will renaming the original datasource affect any historical data?
  4. Hi Sarah, It's now February and we're about to get v85. I still don't see resource pool as an instance level property - when is this coming? Thanks!
  5. Hi Tom, this looks great! LogicMonitor, do you have an estimated date when the security review will be complete so I can import it?
  6. As a workaround, could we get the ##INSTANCE## glob (or a similar one to retain the existing info) so that it shows only the actual instance name? E.g. in NetApp-land, "##INSTANCE## for any of the volume-level datasources will show SVM/Volume instead of just Volume.
  7. Hi Matthew, You mentioned in April that it would be "a month or so from now" - is there any update to this?
  8. I'd love to see this too, it would be super useful. Unfortunately, all I can suggest at the moment (since they are separate datasources and not just separate datapoints) is to create a script datasource which combines all three metrics and lets you alert on that.
  9. Has there been any update to this request? Having Connectwise be able to handle 2-way communication would be great. Also, having the person who acknowledged an alert, being automatically assigned to the Connectwise ticket as a resource.
  10. Thanks Sarah for the update. Unfortunately, as I said on my original post, renaming VMs is not an option.
  11. Hi Sarah, Has there been any update on either allowing this functionality natively and/or using the API to group instances? This is becoming quite urgent for us.
  12. Though I am not the original poster and this thread is two years old, I haven't seen this functionality available. It would be immensely helpful and would allow our team to identify problematic VMs much faster. LogicMonitor, is there any chance that this is coming?
  13. This doesn't allow you to create named users programatically, though. You can go ahead and set this up and have it create an account for all the relevant people, but you'll still need to go and fill out the first/last names manually. If you're doing this, I'd also recommend you go ahead and change your new user email template so that you tell the new users that an account has been created for them and they need to use the 'Forgot Password' link to set a password. Otherwise, you have the LogicMonitor admin knowing everyone's passwords (bad idea) or having the script send it in plain text (