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  1. allow on the fly polling interval changes for short bursts or maybe a live monitoring option. We get a lot of requests like "I am going to do this at 4:00 can you watch the bandwidth? or Can you watch the CPU?" it would be nice to dial up the granularity when needed or for an allotted time slot.
  2. Does Logic Monitor have anything in their WMI tool bag that will monitor DHCP? We recently had a scope fill up and were completely unaware it was getting close. Any help would be great.
  3. We are an all windows shop (well, from a server perspective anyway). It would be nice if we could change the default userid from computername/ROOT to something with our domain and admin ID. Same with network equipment.
  4. We have reports that go to managers daily telling them about alerts that have occurred on their test and dev machines. We do not actively alert on test and dev devices but do watch them if something should act up. Managers look at the reports to see if anything went bump in the night and would really appreciate not getting anything if nothing actually happened. Right now they have to open up the report to see that nothing happened.