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  1. Will Logicmonitor be able to monitor Policy-based IPSEC Site-2-Site Tunnels? Fortigate's Route-based Tunnels created an interface for the tunnel, so Logicmonitor can monitor that easily. However, since Policy-Based doesn't create an interface, LogicMonitor cannot detect it.
  2. Hi @Steve Francis, On the same concept, while waiting for LogicMonitor to work on the report, I decided to go to the interface, export out the data into CSV and use it to compose report for our customers. However, I notice that when I export data for 1 month, I can only get a total of 250 data points, means, about one data point every 3 hours. That's not accurate when it comes down to bandwidth report. If there is a place where I can export the real total collected data points, that would be great.
  3. I\'m not sure if this info is provided with SNMP or not. But it would be nice if LogicMonitor can provide Warranty support on our devices, and maybe EOL and End of Support information also. Since you are able to pulled Module serial numbers from Cisco devices, i would imagine this will be a good addition to it.
  4. It would be nice if LogicMonitor can provide a customer Bandwidth report (monthly, weekly, etc) on a specific interface of a device (SVI, Physical, etc) and provide a nice graph of the actual bandwidth usage also (not average base on sample frequency). As a Cloud provider, it will allow us to have a powerful tool to true up our customer's bandwidth usage.