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  1. Hello, I'm shopping for a new monitoring soultion for our cloud infrastructure. We currently use ManageEngine OPmanager, but arent satisfied with their roadmap. I'm impressed with the GUI of LogicMonitor. It's 2015 so to speak. I like the way there are build in components that can speak to various api's of devices and software (like VMWare, HP VSA ext). But I do have some questions so I can make an decission. -Is logicMonitor hosted only? -If so, I see outages of the hosted platform, does this mean that monitoring is out during a outage of your platform? -Are there custom monitors posbile? In what way? -A lot of Enterprise devices use somekind of api/cimxml. Can we program custom monitors based on xml? -Is powerhsell scripting posible, and parse the output to a custom monitor parameters? -How do you handle feature requests? What are the metrics before an feature request is implemented? -You are quite expensive. With opmanager it's +/- $8 per device per three years. Yours is +$4 per month. Whats the added value, is it worth the huge price difference? Kind Regards, Bastiaan