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  1. Hi Stuart, "Great minds think alike. So, if we disagree, one of us doesn't have a great mind." 🤣 Thanks for the answer, it seems to do exaclty what i wanted to do. I will go ahead and try to create my own (first) datasource. Have a nice day, Henrik
  2. Hi, I use SNMP to gather information from a number of linux machines. They are used as backup proxies using hot-add. I would like to create a graph showing the number of disk each proxy has mountet. I would also like to be able to create an alert if the number of disks doesn't return to to normal after 12 hours, but thats another question.. So how do i count the number of disk in the widget on the dashboard ? With SNMP i get the DISK IO / Physical / Instances (1 instance pr disk and partition SDA, SDA1, SDA2, SDB) Have a nice day, Henrik