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  1. Has anyone tried to get metrics from the individual Oracle pluggable databases running on Oracle Cloud? The existing Oracle data sources get the high level information on the system, temp, etc. DBs but doesn't seem to be able to get down to the PDBs. If they can be configured to see the PDBs, I haven't been able to find out how yet.
  2. We have a NOC dashboard on a wall mounted screen for our support team to monitor. The old UI's NOC had much easier to see status indicators. The new UI's icons are smaller and not as easy to differentiate from more than a few feet away. The old UI worked great but didn't scale well. The new UI scales better but the icons aren't as friendly. I would like to see the status icons either made larger or colored differently, or maybe have an "acknowledged" column added beside the status. Failing that, user-customizable options would be nice.