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  1. Under alert rules you specify what rules should be notified of ACK and SDT. We would very much like to separate these, as our NOC that needs to be informed of ACK don't want to be notified of SDT
  2. File System Resoruce Manager - Quotas

    Created this little data source for collecting the usage of file system quotas on Windows. JFR7TJ The data source is based on File System Resource Manager in Windows 2012R2, it havent been tested on any other version of Windows yet.
  3. Time formatting

    Can we get the 24:00 hour time format back from the old panel? Using the AM/PM time picker is very confusing for my whole team and they often get it wrong.
  4. Timezone per user account

    We are going to need this as well.
  5. Date time formatting

    In the new interface you are forced to use AM/PM, this is a very hard for European users to read. It would be really great to be able to choose your own formatting of date/time
  6. getData() for Dashboard data

    A request with similar result as: But for dashboard graph data.
  7. SSL Certificate expirations

    It would be nice if the SSL Certificate checker supported SNI (Server Name Identification) in case that the web server use more than one certificate.