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  1. yes @Stuart Weenig, exactly like that. Can you please help me to find any sample API scripts in which can referred for this purpose? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi @Stuart Weenig, not really this. I was looking to know if there's anyway we can export the raw data from the data source but with custom interval (different from the polling interval of the datasource). Can this be done via API?
  3. Thanks @Stuart Weenig, I have earlier checked the option, but what I was looking for is the detailed data with a custom interval (greater than the polling interval of the datasource). Can you please help with that?
  4. Hi Everyone, Can anyone please let me know if they are aware of any method/script that can be used to get the CPU, Memory and Disk related performance data in csv for a list of servers between a specific start time and end time. Thanks in advance.