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  1. I also very much agree! I really need this added, with out being able to see on the report which row is for what data point I'm required to clone and customize data source names doing the same thing just so I can differentiate each data point/row within the SLA report. Would be happy to chat about it more if an example or more info is needed to help.
  2. We are a global company with resources in Minnesota, New Jersey, Australia, Ukraine, and India all using the Logic Monitor tool set. It would be incredibly useful to be able to set the timezone at a user level instead of only at the company level.
  3. It would be super powerful to be able to easily compare historical data quickly. the two examples I can think of: Data Source X - Today v. Last Monday Web server 1 CPU v. Webserver 2 CPU I would view this as an investigative tool that allows you to quickly analyze if something looks out of sorts... being able to put last Monday and this Monday on the same graph allows for a very easy comparison. This would be used a lot in the heat of the moment or for post change validation of performance.
  4. Creating a rule is straight forward but it becomes risky and difficult to manage as we grow our organization or implement new systems and services. It can also be time consuming for someone not familiar with the \'\'Alert Rules\'\' process, it can get messy and easy to break very quickly! I think it would be awesome and super hand to have the ability on the Host tab to be able to adjust the Alert routing for a host, group, or for a \'data source in a host or group\'. with a few clicks. An Example, if I am working on a new host, to be able to get it added to LM and add it to the right groups I\'m on the host tab.. if I want those alerts to go to a different team for a while until we get the server ready for prime time I have to go to the alerts tab and figure out how to make a rule that doesn\'t break other rules. BUT if I could just set from that host or data source, all these alerts go to the \'X\' escalation policy, that would be super slick saving us time and easy to manage.
  5. This is becoming more of a challenge for us as well. We have a large number of hosts and they dont all need the same level of monitoring. It would be really ideal if we could just set the Alert trigger interval (consecutive polls) at a host level if we wanted to, that would help us manage and mitigate noisy alerts more accurately to the situation without having to create new data sources to monitor for that same thing but for a different Alert trigger interval (consecutive polls) than the global threshold.rnMore people should vote for this, this is a cool idea!
  6. Any target date on this one? this summer, this year?
  7. The Service monitors you have are great! they are easy to use and straight forward. It would be awesome if we could also call those from a collector so that we can use Logic monitor to monitor UIs that are internal to our company\'s users. Since there isn\'t a way for LM to hit those URLs externally we have to go about monitoring their availability in other more \'\'Hacky\'\' ways. Thanks!
  8. It would be awesome if when you\'re on the main alerts tab, in the detail associated with an alert there was a column that showed what escalation chain was used. This would help simplify and make it more clear to understand who was notified of which alerts.
  9. There is a lot of value in making the data we build out in Logic Monitor visible to the whole business. That being said there are also a lot of other tools and services that are in the same situation. GeckoBoard does an excellent job of centralizing KPIs from a wide variety of service providers. This helps us keep key metrics transparent to everyone in the business. I think adding integration with Geckoboard would be an awesome feature for Logic Monitor as you both continue growing.
  10. If you are asking for the ability to create subfolders on the services tab, I agree! It would be idea to have the same structure we create on the host tabs. We have different teams managing different services and we are able to divide the hosts up clearly, but we cant for services.
  11. Hey Steve, Great point, I did a terrible job of articulating that this is when I'm consolidating multiple hosts into one graph. This is a really valuable graph when I have a cluster of servers to have them all on the same graph. An example would be the consolidated CPU and Mem graphs out in our dashboard on THE Dashboard in our account. Does that make sense? It's absolutely possible I'm missing something but it looked like Support didn't have a good solution for getting multiple hosts consolidated onto one graph for that data.