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  1. I have tried 220 , and 220 exact_sentence_returned_by_FTP.n nNot any better.
  2. I am trying to use groovy to verify the connectivity of an FTP server following the FAQ ( Here is the exact script used: import com.santaba.agent.groovyapi.expect.Expect cli =\'\'x.x.x.x\'\', 21, 5) cli.expect(\'\'220 \'\') cli.send( \'\'user anonymous \'\' ) cli.expect(\'\'331 \'\') cli.send(\'\'pass meme \'\') cli.expect( \'\'230 \'\') cli.send( \'\'quit \'\' ) Unfortunately, the groovy debugger wither comes back with a timeout, or the following: >> !groovy End of stream reached, no match found My FTP server, in turn, see the connection coming from the agent, but never receives the \'\'USER anonymous\'\' command. Any Help welcome