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  1. Hi Stuart Thanks for the suggestions, I'll try create a no-data alert alarm I went ahead and upgraded the module (from v1.2 --> v1.3), I'll test it out and see if it made any difference.
  2. Hi LogicMonitor Community We are busy implemententing LogicMonitor across our entire server platform. Something that I can't figure out how to handle is when WMI stops working for one reason or another. I've just had an example of server that was set up correctly with a wmi user and all data for the server was populated correctly with CPU, RAM disk and so on, but the user expired and WMI was no longer working, so everything just showed up as "No data" and all graphs were empty. I kinda had expected that the: "Win_WMI_Access_Denied_ErrorCodes" would have kicked in again, but it didn't, there were no alarms/errors informing me that WMI was not working. It seems like the: "Win_WMI_Access_Denied_ErrorCodes" only works if WMI never have worked on a server, once it have it doesn't seem to pop up again when WMI is not working. Hope somebody has a good way of handling this, this actually also goes for SNMP monitoring on Linux servers and so on (not sure if any errors would be shown for these types of monitoring)