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  1. I've got a trio of Load Balancers running HAProxy that I need to monitor, and I found the HAProxy module and installed it. I verified using the 'Test Applies To' and it found all 3 servers, so I assume that means it's been associated right? It's been a few days and the resources are not displaying any HAP related info nor do I have a dropdown (IDK the correct term) under the resource itself like there is for CPU, Disks, etc. Second question.. reading the description here: am I correct in assuming that the only stats this module will report is sessions? If so that's missing a ton of important stats.... Thanks!!
  2. Thanks Stuart, especially for the webinar link. I will be checking that out.
  3. Also, what is 'myfloor' and what does it mean? I think FoxPro might be easier to understand than this! lol I definitely appreciate your help on this issue, even though Im as confused as a fart in a fan factory.
  4. You've obviously been working with those for a while So, logically that makes no sense to me what so ever...
  5. So, Why these options only? Infix, RPN or groovy? I can't find much on the first two that's *not* just working with mathematical equations. Definitely having a super hard time finding anything useful.
  6. Thanks for this! I have to admit I'm 100% lost on Infix and RPN both. I've never seen either but I'm trying to research now.
  7. Oh really?? I assumed since this one value is associated with 1 OID that I'd have to treat it as one big value...
  8. VERY nice! So last question (I promise) Can LogicMonitor manipulate the datasource values to make the display more human readable? For example here is my new Big NUmber widget: Is it possible to say seperate the numbers by (.) periods? Add dashes or otherwise treat his value as a date and display accordingly?
  9. Thank you Stewart.. my graph now shows a value. So can I ask how can I setup a Big Number widget correctly displaying this value?
  10. Ooops, Sorry hopefully the below will help.
  11. So I'm wanting to create a new widget that will display a static date which is pulled from a datasource that's using SNMP to get the date value. The raw value is in a format like: 20221231 I've tried setting the datasource to no post processing, and Ive got it associated to a single specific host. When I manually poll I get the value I'm looking for but when I view the Raw Data under the Resource it says no data. So I think I've done this all wrong. Anyway I'm hoping some kind stranger and point me in the right direction for creating widgets correctly :)
  12. Thanks Stuart. No I did not look anywhere yet. I mean I know we currently don't monitor or have any CRL's in play in our LM instance. I believe we have some SSL certs so there might be something there.. I did find a generic looking SSL/Cert module/plugin in the community Datasources. I think this is kind of a special thing, can't pull up anything via Google on LM and CRLs. Thanks for the pointers though!
  13. Morning! I am super new to Logic Monitor having never used it before and now I do at this new job that I started back in December. I'm here today because I've got a ticket to monitor our internal root CA CRL expiration. I see that LM can monitor SSL certs but can it do anything with a CRL specifically? Thanks!!