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  1. Hello All. Was hoping to open up discussion on how to debug a powershell script or any other script for that matter. Basically, I was hoping to be able to see the output of the script that LM see\'s. In my case I have created a powershell script that reports back a list of data in the following format: DB1=1 DB2=3 DB3=5 In theory I could create a monitor that is a key-valued pair. However for some reason it\'s not working. It would be nice to be able to see what LM is seeing to see if the format in powershell is different then what LM is seeing as it runs the script.
  2. Originally from ticket #11736. Would love to be able to create a custom NOC widget. For instance we wanted to create a public status page such as http://statuspage.io. Being that we use LogicMonitor for our internal monitoring it was the first place I looked. For us we would create a custom script, or use an existing monitor, clone it, and change it from graph to a simple UP, Degraded, Down status allowing that public dashboard to be viewed by our employees. Unfortunately couldn\'t do this without just creating a graph in logicmonitor which means our public facing dashboard is on StatusPage fo
  3. Hello, We have some internal scripts we use to monitor data that is specific to our organization. We have the scripts in place already, I just can\'t for the life of me remember where to upload the scripts to and how to assign them to a datasource. Thanks.