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  1. Hello Andrew,rnAs always appreciate the input! Your scenario is not an uncommon need and that is why we already have that ability built in. You can set different thresholds based on host groups, specific hosts and even down to the instance level. This help article should prove helpful in detailing the appropriate steps to set this up.: http://help.logicmonitor.com/using/i-got-an-alert-now-what/how-do-i-adjust-thresholds/ or contact us directly via Chat with Engineer button or emailing support@logicmonitor.com for any further assistance. rnIn addition, if you have your different host gro
  2. Hello Peter,n nFirst I would like to take a look at your current setup for this to better direct my response. What host is this on? Thanks for any additional information.n nTisha
  3. Hello Carlos,n nRecommend turning on trace logs for collector.jdbc. Go to your agent and choose set log levels and change info to trace. This should provide the helpful debugging you need to track this down.n nContact us via chat should you require any further clarification on this issue. Also you may want to check out http://help.logicmonitor.com/using/ma...