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  1. Hi all, I'm struggling in order to obtain, in a "custom" datapoint, the percentage of the service availability relative to a time interval in which a certain datapoint has assumed a specific value. In other words... Let's take the "HeartbeatStatus" datapoint of the "VMware_vCenter_VMStatus" datasource: it's output can be 0 (if ok) or >= 1 (if not ok). I'm looking for a way to count the percentage, within a preceoncerted time interval, in which the datapoint takes on a certain value, for example "during the last 30 days, HeartbeatStatus has been 0 (ok) 98% of the time". I
  2. Hello, In our infrastructure we have a vCenter that contains several thousand VMs. The monitoring of this device is complex and slowed down by the tens of thousands of datapoints extracted for each VM, moreover it is necessary to apply different rules and standards depending on the folder where the VM resides. Consulting the query system (Groovy) of the "VMware_vCenter_ *" datasources, I thought of changing the vCenter query method via ESX API, in particular by invoking the Java "searchManagedEntity" method in an alternative way during the instance extraction phase, in order to focus the
  3. Same problem here, at least one higher discovery schedule frequency (5 minutes?) should be considered in many scenarios