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  1. OH ya this problem does exist. Would be great if there was an option that allowed auto-resolve in SNOW on instance/resource deletion (maybe on the group level using a property?) Currently we handle the orphaned tickets by running a daily script that resolves the ticket, when there are tickets that are open in SNOW on instances/resources that dont exist in LM. As we are a large MSP, this happens in the hundreds daily However if this solution is added it would be one less script running that does bulk admin cleanup. As much as that script helps, it leaves a path for
  2. Can you explain what you you are trying to do with a full example or 2 (maybe you did and I just didn't comprehend, in that case I apologize)? Asking since just tokens, mixing with url and webhooks tingles my automation itch.
  3. This would be mad useful. Especially on headache inducing UC environments and a number of constantly flopping networking equipment in datacenters lol. Good lord, does that cause a major nuisance with a new alert every 5-10 mins
  4. Oh man, that really would be useful. Cut down a number our reports we have too.
  5. Amen to that We have a number of customers with their own groups, and they actively like to add and remove user access since they have many contractors coming in and out. They keep hammering us with daily changes in user access. If we could designate limited role management, that would save us a ton of admin overhead. I currently have a work around by having a server page that runs a script based on a form, per customer group which I have handed to each of them. But that is a very janky way of doing it, it doesnt look nice or OFFICIAL, plus it still has an admin level apikey stored
  6. Doing the standard external webcheck is fine, and really all we need for this scenario, just that the the HTTP Status Code data isn't outputted and displayed. We don't want to run custom code for this (not in our environment/s nor in LM point of presence), that is what we are trying to minimize. Unfortunately, due to the lack of HTTP Status Code output we are forced to do run custom code in an ever increasingly unmaintainable amount of datasources in VMs across our and customer environment. Apologies for my previous words causing the misunderstanding about us wanting to run custom code o
  7. Oh this would definitely be helpful for our junior admins and admins in general. I made a slight workaround to this, which is very useful if the number of devices covered by the alert rule is very high. 1) Download the relevant devices (with Device name and Device ID, etc) in a csv 2) Added column for where I indicate to follow the alert rule or not (leave empty if not) and save 3) Make a script with BASH/powershell/python/go/etc and import the CSV and filter it only have the items where the last column indicator is not empty 4) Make a Foreach, and have it run on Device ID 5)
  8. That is correct. What we need is HTTP Status Codes. Again, we make our own Datasources for each Customer Website or API Endpoint, but that tends to get tedious, and harder and harder to maintain, because we have HUNDREDS of them, each with their own Polling, Timeout, and request Body customizations. Another major limitation is that we can't use the External Webcheck Source, and are forced to limit the calls from the collectors in our Customer's environment, or keep spinning up VM resources on our end just to have AT LEAST ONE external sourced Webcheck.
  9. Hi there. Can Status Code be added to the Raw Data Column and as a separate graph for the WebChecks? As an MSP we have 100s of cases across customers where we have to make simple GET and POST calls and have to alert based on Status Code, and seeing the Status Code History is the most useful aspect of the monitoring. Currently we get by by MANUALLY scripting each API calls and the relevant Body data, however, it would be much preferable if we could streamline this with something that is more, STANDARD. Bonus Points: Add the ability to do Warning, Error, and Critical on diffe
  10. Good Lord having this would be a godsend. As a MSP, we always fall into the situation where either: 1) We have 30-40 duplicates versions of a datasource we have no choice but to make (which is quite unmanageable) 2) We have to tell several customers NO, we will NOT make custom polling for you Hope this happens
  11. Nice work. While I can't replace EVERYTHING that I have custom made for Rubrik monitoring, these will allow me to replace about half. Half of what's left is custom stuff per Client, so can't do anything there. But there's additional stuff regarding AWS and Azure based Rubrik backups that can probably be added here
  12. Hey guys, I want to forward the feature request of Having the number of WEIGHTED instance count displayed, even when under Collector RAW Instance Count threshold. So we as an MSP have been pushing Collector usage to really weird and unconventional scenarios. Often we have to justify why certain number of resources provided to us in the VM/s clients provide us are not helpful. Usually we can get away with it since once the RAW Instance count of, say a large collector, goes beyond 20k and our collector is still functioning very well since the weighted instance count is