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  1. Thanks Stuart I really dont want to use an external system for this, but it sounds like we have run this as far as we can with Logic Monitor reporting and widgets. I looked through the feature requests as you mentioned before and I couldnt find anything that sounded like this. So I submitted as new one and figured they could be joined if the other one pops up. Thank you again for all of your help
  2. I have been working to report power usage from an APC PDU Here is the forum thread: The short version: the only way to see a delta between a data point value at the beginning and end of a set time period is with a Resource Metric Trend Report. this report can produce extremely valuable information for any data point that changes over time, but you can not access the calculated delta value outside of the report. Secondarily, the report has extremely limited customization for output and is not at all suitable for a customer facing report. The real world application nee
  3. I was tinkering with the big number widget and looks like it "could" do this. However, it is displaying Resource not found I tried using sum, min and max from the new watthour complex datpoint and from the snmp raw value its seems like this is right at the cusp of working..... so frustrating So if a widget is not possible, is there a way to create a Resource Metric Trend Report with a custom configuration? being able to adjust Column titles, the data scaling and data labels would make this almost usable for a client facing report. If a custom report solution isnt an option, i
  4. Thank for the info on the data sources. I didnt know they would keep customizations now, thats awesome! I am not sure what the best approach is to making the KWH usage into a clean customer facing report would be. Currently the only way to get that number is to use the resource metric trend report. In an ideal world, id like to be able to refer to the calculated value of Watthours based on the current dashboard view time range The data point should be simple enough.... (WattHours maximum value) - (WattHours minimum value) = Consumed WattHours for the given time range. If that da
  5. LOL, Yeah Mega Watt Hours... who knew we'd worry about that at a PDU level. This field is a "user resetable" number that id be no one ever resets. Mine were last rese years ago, probably the install date I try not to edit the data sources because that means updating them from the repository will remove my changes. So I cloned the data source and added the complex datapoints I needed to track Watt Hours after a few days i can confirm the report is displaying the data correctly My next hurdle is that this is a useful repot for internal testing, however it is not at all a clean c
  6. Thanks for all the assistance on this! I was able to make the report and I can output the datapoint delta for the given time my trouble now is that the report wants to automatically adjust the value for the large number. I dont seem to have anyway to adjust the output. Device interface:45,154.2 kWh SNMP Energy: 45154.2 (kWh) SNMP EnergyRaw: 451542 (kWh tenths) Report output Energy: 45.15k EnergyRaw: 451.54k While these numbers are technically correct summaries for the input data, it is inaccurate representation of the actual units being tallied You would not
  7. i've found that newer APC PDUs have a datasource for live power usage I am able to report on that with live data and see the graph for past usage the next hurdle is to find a way to sum the usage for a given time period I dont see a clear way to do that using any of the available dashboard widgets. Is this even possible? the only possible solution Ive come up with is to assume power consumption will remain close to the same, then multiply the KW usage by a set integer representing hours of month to estimate monthly KW hours consumed. But this is a horrendously inaccurate r
  8. Thanks Stuart. the PDU I am testing with does not include the SNMP info for voltage and power factor with the default data source. I will need to do an SNMP walk to see if i can pull that data manually i may need to test with a newer PDU as well.
  9. I have a client looking to monitor their colo rack power usage and have a monthly report showing consumed power. Ultimately, they want to be sure they are being billed fairly by their hosting data center for the amount of power consumed. the basic Idea is to use the snmp info from the PDU to aggregate the monthly power consumed. Logic monitor has APC PDU data sources that include a "live" view of the amps per phase on the 3 phase PDU Ideally, we want to avoid using APC datacenter expert or the like to manage the data. Has anyone worked on converting the amps to kilowatts and re