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  1. I posted another Feature request re this as in addition to the type of thing you describe it would be good to have OpsNotes usage assignable as a user or role feature so that non admins can have access to it to be able to add/edit opsnotes
  2. In addition to the standard Windows Application, Security, Setup, System event logs there are many other server logs that have now been split out by Microsoft into the Applications and Services Logs/Microsoft/Windows section of the Event Viewer. Many of these contain essential information for being able to proactively monitor a server. Is there plans to be able to provide us access to monitor those logs via LM? or can we do it now and I'm just not aware how it's done?
  3. Currently we only seem to have the ability to view/alert on the standard Windows Logs i.e. Application Security Setup System We require to be able to alert on the Administrator logs that are now stored in the Application and Services Logs section of Windows Event Viewer. This includes things like MS cluster logs plus custom Windows Service event logs etc
  4. Hi We have a number of long group names and when configuring alert rules to apply to these groups we\'ve found that to include all the groups we require means we hit some sort of threshold limit on the amount of text we can enter into this field. Would it be possible to select groups via a checkbox next to a group name and you simply select multiple tick boxes? Cheers