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  1. The updated interfaces datasource - which you can get from the Registry via locator code RMP2DL - has a graph showing utilization as a percentage. (It will be in the core repository next release.)
  2. Well, you can't directly exceed them. Our web checks protect themselves from being in an infinite loop, redirecting in a circle, by imposing this maximum of 10. Which in real life is more than websites should normally subject their users to. (It's not a great user experience in terms of latency, etc to be redirected a bunch of times.) So the best solution would be to remove some of the redirects (why go from A to B to C to D, instead of just A to D?) If there are architectural reasons you can't do so, you could start your LM web check further down the redirect chain.
  3. If you have an iframe that the video clip can be referenced in, you can put it in an HTML widget on a dashboard.
  4. Are you still seeing this? What version of collector? We haven't heard this elsewhere.... (there is a small delay - on the order of minutes - for such configuration changes to be pushed down to the collectors...)
  5. Yeah, as Tom suggests, (and you, in your opening post), dual NIC or VLAN collectors is probably the solution. Should work fine - LogicMonitor collectors just use the host's routing table, so no issue there.
  6. There is no way to apply regex expressions to instances that don't exist, as you note. I ran into a similar problem recently, which I solved by adding in a groovy complex datapoint that takes the instance name or description or what-have-you, tests it against a regular expression that is set as a property (so you can set it at group levels, and have it be inherited), and if it matches, evaluates the alert as normal, and if it doesn't, returns a value that makes the alert not trigger. Like in this case, testing agains an interface description, and using a property interface_descriptio
  7. This has been available for while - we apparently neglected to update this thread, though, sorry!
  8. Is there a specific kind of alert that is not clearing? For example, we do have a known issue where alerts that are triggered on an instance, that is then removed (either manually or via active discovery), while the instance is in alert, do not have the clear notification sent to the integration. That is being worked on now. Is this a Windows events, as opposed to datasources, or batchjobs? Any more details appreciated!
  9. After Marketo's large outage due domain registration expiring, we created a DataSource that monitors the amount of time remaining on a registered domain. Locator ID: HCZPGR
  10. The new UI does this better. Its sorting works correctly, so sorting by Roles (or other columns) in the users table does what you'd expect. The users table also has a filter, so you can limit it to people in certain roles or statuses. There is not a direct export to Excel - but you could make one from the getAccounts RPC call and a little scripting. What's the use case for that?
  11. Not currently supported. (Some IBM storage systems - the N series - are effectively rebranded NetApps - so those are supported.)n nThe DS series certainly could be supported. A quick bit of research shows it reports performance data via SMI-S - but we do not yet have an SMI collector. So right now it would probably require running an agent on a host with the command line tools installed, and processing the output of the CLI commands.
  12. Yes, SMI is certainly planned - but probably wont be out for 3 months.n nCLI wrapping would be interim measure (as it doesnt require a code change.)