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  1. Ah already ahead of you there, I came to the same conclusion after attempting to do a 'single device' model, which just couldn't do it. (If I weren't trying to do API switchport monitoring, it probably would've been fine). I use the MX at each location as the 'anchor' for all of the Meraki monitoring at the location: But they somehow still manage to sync up. I had the AMP and IPS checks at 4 hour intervals, and after restarting the collector, started getting buckets of 429's: And now what's really got me confused ... I set both of those to 5 minute colle
  2. I'm working with custom Meraki API datasources and have an issue where the collector can get into a state such that all the instances attempt to collect simultaneously. Or, at least closely enough together it triggers Meraki's rate limiting, and even my backoff/retry isn't doing the job. I would think that if my collector script for my customer datasource is set to sleep for a rand() number of seconds, I should be able to avoid this. Any thoughts about what I might be doing wrong, or is there "LogicMonitor way" I should be handling this? The below is what I'm doing to try to account