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  1. BTW, the UI I see when editing Custom Graphs differs slightly from whats shown on the help pages. Dont know if this is relevant.
  2. Thank you Joe! Now I have my custom counters appearing as data sources for all my servers (on the Hosts tab). I can also see all instances of the counters on the graphs on the Hosts tab. However, I cannot add those instances to custom graph widgets. When I am creating the a new widget, I click on Add button next to Datapoint, and there I can specify name, host, datasource, but not datapoint. As far as I understand, those datapoints represent instances of the counters (which I can see on graphs on the Hosts tab), but somehow they are not showing up in the New Widget - Custom Graph form -- the list is always empty for all of my custom counters. Do you have any suggestions for me regarding how to make it work?
  3. I found this ( and started all the services the link mentions -- still cannot see the custom performance counters.
  4. My ASP.NET application (running on a Windows VM in the Amazon cloud) has a few custom performance counters. The counters are grouped into three categories, each category has 5-10 counters. All the counters are being populated by the application and they are all visible just fine in local Performance Monitors. I want to be able to see those counters on my dashboards, same way I can see the CPU load, for example. But I cannot see any of my custom counters in the list of data sources for the server I am trying to monitor. Show All Associated DataSources does not help. I\'d like to know if monitoring custom counters is supported in the LogicMonitor and if it is supported, how do I make it work for my servers?