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  1. If you attended the webinar or watched the recording, we would greatly appreciate your feedback! Webinar Feedback Survey
  2. Q: I am working on figuring out how to move us from the older 'snmp64-If_' datasource to the new, preferred 'SNMP_Netowork_Interfaces'. Does the interface.description.alert_enable property still operate the same? Answer: Here's the answer I got from our monitoring engineering group: "The newer one (SNMP_Network_Interfaces) doesn’t have alerts built in yet; those are to be introduced later. The idea is to have them run in parallel and then when we’re comfortable we’ve worked out all of the kinks, move over the alerting and begin deprecation of the old one." Sounds like you migh
  3. Question: Can you please describe how a sub-account works? Our use case is entirely in AWS, and we have our customers set up with their own VPC. If I need to segregate their performance monitoring data is there an option to do so with a sub account? We will also have a collector in each customer VPC to monitor app servers as well as AWS resources like ELB/ALB/NLB and RDS. Following up with a bit more detail on this one. First, have you already added your AWS account into LogicMonitor? If you have already added your AWS account into monitoring, all of the resources are automatically
  4. Link to feedback survey: Q&A Transcript: Comment: You can also use the api to add devices. Answer: Good point, thanks for mentioning! Virtually anything that can be done in the UI can be done using the API, which allows for greater automation. Q: How many customers does LM have? A: Many! I don’t have the number in hand, but we’ll try to get one by the end of the session. In the meantime
  5. Webinar Q&A Transcript: We are loving the 'Azure App Insights' integration with LM. Can we gather 'Smart Detection' data with App Insights monitoring? (Answered around 10:33) Can we get Website Performance Monitoring (Load times, Speed Index, Time To Interact, and other LightHouse based metrics)? (Answered around 2:50) Q: Can we add Webchecks to have Status Code History? (Answered around 6:34) Q: Hi gang! Could you explain a little bit about why Script (Groovy) isn't available for External (global) Website checkpoints? Is it something that will ever be an option,
  6. Webinar recording available here. July 29 Office Hours Webinar Recording