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  1. I append image from docs with fields "alert subject" and "alert message" - I guess these fields are used in previous versions of API for 'detailMessage' fields; and also a result of calling REST API v1 where required fields are available.
  2. I haven't worked with UI yet, but I guess field "detailedMessage.subject" (along with "detailedMessage.body") are configured as part of the event source, as described in docs.
  3. Hello, I'm migrating from RPC API to REST and need to retrieve alerts with their full description (for processing in our own system). Unfortunately, when I tried API v2, I could not get fieldset "detailMessage", even though it's mentioned on API v2 Swagger page. Also there I can't find any parameter like "needMessage" used in RPC API and REST API v1. Is there any way to retrieve alert description (=subject in RPC, detailMessage.subject in REST v1) in alerts REST API v2? And do you plan to support such parameters/fields later?