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  1. Absolutely, I do use it and it helped in my development efforts a few weeks back (Postman Environment vars in and making the API requests with token in header)... I'll try to delete my earlier post to avoid confusing anyone who finds this thread in the future.
  2. ... forgot to add, in my case I'm using the REST API though -- so I'm not sure about your 'shared widget' use case.
  3. @Vishwajit I had this issue also, what I found was that the auth key cant be sent in the URL / Querystring as a parameter, but rather it has to be sent in the request headers. Do a search for sending auth token in request headers or use a tool like this (not sure how secure it is though) to play around with adding your token to header and see your data come back. That was my hurdle a few weeks back, and now I'm past that and everything else was relatively easy to put together for my custom linux service. Good luck!
  4. Another question regarding the REST API. I've had much success using a TEST API ID and KEY created under my own account / email address. I can make the necessary GET requests and obtain the JSON response for all the devices that I can see within Logic Monitor. There are OTHER devices / resources that fall outside what my individual account has access to and I've had our security / infrastructure team setup a logic monitor user account that has READ ONLY access to the other devices / resources. However when I login with that account and try to create a new API ID and Access Key, I don't
  5. Awesome, thanks. I completely overlooked that. Getting results now and very appreciative of your help!
  6. I'm trying to make a simple GET request ( /device/devices ) and I've successfully created my API access id in Logic Monitor user settings, but I don't see where I can obtain the KEY. Some documentation I found online seems to indicate I have to generate the key based on a base64 of a generated hash (HMAC256), while this thread seems to indicate(?) that the KEY is assigned along with the access ID. Can you please elaborate on how one goes about obtaining the KEY to use for the POSTMAN pre request script?