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  1. Tonight LogicMonitor experienced a brief Service Disruption which began at 8:36PM and lasted until 8:42PM PT (0336 to 0342 UTC). Our team has taken the appropriate actions to correct the matter at this time During this timeframe however, some customers may have been impacted by false "Collector Down" alerts. We apologize for any inconvenience or confusion this may have caused. LogicMonitor strives to ensure customers have no downtime and we remain dedicated to being a reliable partner in monitoring your critical technology infrastructure. Please contact us via ticket or chat with any further questions or comments in this matter.
  2. Hello, LogicMonitor is continuously working on improving our infrastructure resiliency. As a step in that direction, LogicMonitor will be changing the IP address your account endpoint resolves to. As a reminder, your account endpoint is used when accessing your account via a web browser as well as by the LogicMonitor collectors in your account in order to report metrics data back to our data centers. In normal operations your LogicMonitor account is homed to a single data center /24 IP network address block. Currently all customer endpoints within their /24 block resolve to a X.X.X.192 address. The network block for your account will not change, but the specific IP address in this network range will. Furthermore, the IP address will become dynamic, rotating between a number of addresses within the block. This change will be transparent, requiring no manual changes on your behalf. However, if you have IP restrictions on firewall or proxy devices that do not incorporate the entire network block for your data center, collectors may become blocked from reporting data, resulting in collector down notifications and a halt in data collection from that collector. As a reminder, if you do have IP address restrictions in place, it is best practice to incorporate all LogicMonitor public IP addresses & DNS names into your firewall or proxy in order to accommodate all possible disaster recovery scenarios. We will start the migration towards the end of November. You will receive a one week notification beforehand, as well as another notification on the day of the migration. If you have any questions please feel free to contact customer support via the normal channels.
  3. Today starting around 7AM ET, Dyn DNS has been the target of a DDoS attack. Although LogicMonitor does not utilize Dyn DNS, some customers who do utilize Dyn DNS may be experiencing their SiteMonitor Services showing as unreachable and failing (correctly). You can follow the status of the the DDoS attack on Dyn's status page here.
  4. Today LogicMonitor experienced a brief interruption in our data persistence layer from 9/25/2016 at 1:30am and lasting until 2:18am PST (8:15am to 9:18am +8 UTC). This may have resulted in a 48-minute gap in a subset of graphs in affected accounts. During this period, alerting and all other services were functioning normally. We apologize for any inconvenience. Our engineers are reviewing the underlying cause in order to prevent it in the future. Please reply to this email or contact us on chat with any further questions or comments in this matter.
  5. 12:14PM PT - One of LogicMonitor's ISP's is currently experiencing a service disruption that may be affecting some of our West Coast customers. We are currently addressing the issue. Impact to customers includes timeouts when loading account, and collector down notifications. We will update this page once we have more information. UPDATE: 1:58PM PT - We have seen significant improvement, however some customers may still be experiencing some issues if relying on Cogent ISP in any way.
  6. UPDATE 11:53AM ET - All outstanding issues are now resolved, however, customers will see a gap in data around the time of the outage. An RCA will be sent to all affected customers as soon as possible.
  7. UPDATE 11:38AM ET - There was an issue with the initialization of accounts when bringing them back up that is resulting in failed virtual datapoint expression errors on dashboard graphs. To correct this issue, we have to make some configuration changes, that should restore this shortly, however this will re-introduce the gaps in graphs from the time of the outage.
  8. UPDATE 11:13AM ET - All customer accounts should be fully restored right now, however we are seeing sporadic cases of graphs not getting data (devices, dashboards, services), or service checks not allowing the testing of steps. We are in the process of restoring these for the few remaining customers.
  9. UPDATE 10:50AM ET - Sitemonitors (Services) may still be showing No Data or responding to test steps. Further investigation is being conducted.
  10. UPDATE 10:41AM ET - All customer accounts should now be restored. If you are still not able to access your account, please notify us via this community post, chat or email.
  11. LogicMonitor is currently experiencing an outage that is affecting all of our customers that are using our East Coast datacenter. This was reported at 9AM Eastern Time. Our Technical Operations team is working to resolve it as soon as possible. We will update all affected customers once it is resolved and we have more details on the cause. Sorry for the inconvenience. UPDATE: 9:31 AM ET. The issue seems to be related to a loss of power at our datacenter. More to follow.
  12. David, Thank you for the feedback. We currently have a product improvement ticket in for this and hope to offer it in the future. Thanks for sharing your interest. Until then, you can always use the HTTP_Page datasource, that provides response times and Status of any webpage you specify.
  13. Hello, Are you talking about the options listed under Alert Settings? Those would be configured if you wanted to use a custom or alternative alerting method, or relaying the alerts to some type of ticketing board. If you are not, then you do not need to set them. These settings are not based on whether you are using a trial account or not. If you need help setting up alert configurations please click the chat with an engineer button, or submit a support ticket email. You can find the email link below. Thanks. https://support.logicmonitor.com/customer/portal/emails/new