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  1. Two things: 1. It would be amazing if the user building the report could add custom headers to the reports such as custom properties they have assigned to groups/resources. 2. It would be amazing to add the ## DPDESCRIPTION ## token as a header in this report.
  2. I love this idea, nice and simple, I was thinking much more complexly. Thanks for this fantastic idea! We will implement this. Cheers!
  3. They are aware a collector can be pointed to a proxy but they specifically wanted a feature request to have a second collector to act as the proxy. I'm not sure how easy or hard something like this might be to dsevelop so I told them I would throw it out here as a feature request
  4. That Stuart! We did notice that, the problem is we want to use the 'Alert List' widget three times on one dashboard with different time frames. I very much appreciate your response!!
  5. Right now there is no option on the 'Alert List' widget to specify the 'Default Time Range', like Last 2 hours, Last Two Days, etc. like the 'Custom Graph? alert widget has. It would be very cool to get this added as this is something a client wants really bad for their daily use dashboard.
  6. 1. I feel 'Unmonitored Devices' should be named, 'Unmonitored Resources'. 2. More important - It would be really nice if you could view more then 25 resources at a time, filterning through hundreds if not thousands of resources is very time consuming and challenging. It would be really cool to be able to select how many resources are displayed on a page at a time, like 25, 50,100,250,500 or something like that. Another really cool idea would be to have a check box to say 'show all'. Thanks!
  7. I have a client that would like to be able to send all the data that CollectorA gathers to CollectorB on the private internal network and then to have CollectorB send the data for both CollectorA and CollectorB to the LogicMonitor datacenters.
  8. I have a client that would like to get an alert if SNMP stops pulling for one or more datasources applied to an individual resource. I realize we can set no data alerts but it would be very hard to apply that correctly without getting duplicated alerts across different resource types, like routers and servers. I configured dead host monitoring but that doesn't do quite what we were looking for. Thanks!
  9. I often use dashboard tokens for cloning dashboards out to different locations and I find if I update my master dashboard I then have to go and manually update the same widgets on all the dashboards that were cloned from my master dashboard template. I would be fantastic if a change was made to a master template dashboard if that change could be reflected to all dashboards that were cloned from the master!
  10. It would be really cool if within the LM Exchange under the Installed Modules tab if it would show Author, Rating, and Installed columns like the Public Repository page has.
  11. This is done at settings > users and roles > users. Then within the account that will be using the API token is where you can create the API token. This requires specific manage permissions to users.
  12. I would be very nice if for user logins if DUO Authentication was a two factor authentication option.