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  1. MrJ

    Using API v2

    Actually there was some weird behaviour going on when I was trying to access the data and was scratching my head but makes sense now. Thanks
  2. MrJ

    Using API v2

    Thank you, I'll give that a try.
  3. MrJ

    Using API v2

    Sorry, another question. I was trying to iterate through the api response keys (I thought it was just json) but I see it returns the var as a class. Is there some documentation or examples on how to work with the values? Thanks
  4. MrJ

    Using API v2

    Sorry, I yes I had a typo. OK yes I see that, thank you. I looked for something like that in the docs but missed it. Thanks a lot.
  5. MrJ

    Using API v2

    Ye great work. Way easier than using the API (for me at least) I found this documentation which looks very nice also: Question, in the example: api_response = api_instance.get_alert_list_by_device_group_id(id, needMessage=needMessage, customColumns=customColumns, fields=fields, size=size, offset=offset, filter=filter) How do you get the ID of the specific group? Thanks
  6. MrJ

    Using API v2

    This is great, thanks! SDK looks great, just tested and works a treat. Thanks Stuart.
  7. MrJ

    Using API v2

    Hi Can someone point me in the direction of some instructions on how to make API calls with V2 of the API? (Just with a basic example on how the auth is done now etc) I can find examples for V1 and have used that but can't find anything relevant to V2. Thanks
  8. Thanks both for your help, appreciated. Thought it was just me but good to know it wasn't.
  9. Hey, oh ok thanks for clarifying. Oh that is really helpful. I was looking around in the portal to see if that was an option to show the API calls so that helps a lot. Thank you
  10. No problem, thanks for your help.
  11. Thanks for the info, it doesn't seem to work for me unfortunately. It seems display every single alert for every customer no matter what I put. E.g. #Request Info httpVerb ='GET' resourcePath = '/alert/alerts' queryParams ='?v=2&?' (I changed to the actual customer) data = '' I wasn't using the v2 API before but I was trying that as well above. Are there some working examples documented anywhere? For the v2 API, does it display the data any different or is the only difference no support for basic auth? Thanks
  12. Hi I'm fairly new to APIs and would like a little help please. I am trying to query the LM API for specific alerts with Python. I am able to retrieve a full list of alerts via Python which is a good starting point. I was using the following doc: What I would like some help with is the following: - Is there a way to retrieve alerts only for a specific folder? We have customers under specific folders. - How would I retrieve alerts with only a specific string in the resource name? E.g. all c