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  1. Hello Stuart, What is the impact on Logic Monitor? load on collectors? Any risks to have alerts... for any reason when setting up this scripts... ? Thanks, Dom
  2. Thanks Stuart, Excellent as usual ... starting the fight to get Python3 and this "Custom" installed...
  3. Hello, We have currently four sites A,B,C & D. Each site has its own collectors (2,8,6,8) all our collectors are auto-balanced per site. As we are putting in place SNMP Traps I would like to know if it is possible to have the list of devices persite? Thanks, Dom
  4. This is excellent! thanks a lot. I also look for a Widget/Dashboard listing all the Devices having at least one NaN displayed in their tree... Also will this included in the Logic Monitor product itself as there is a string block to pass before importing community (even by LM Engineer) Datasources, PropertySources... Thanks, Dom
  5. You are correct the script does not show the missing data either: The days is showing but why the big numbers like way other the 28 7 2 threholds!!!? The commonname field does not show so this means it should not be the correct parameter... not sure if I should used the $_.Subject, SubjectAlternativeName (SAN) not sure which name it will have..., Issuedto, Issuedby, ... Trying to find a list of names for all these parameters.. Thanks, Dom
  6. I could add more fields but IssuedTo, IssuedBy are causing issues, ... Also the days to expire are not the ones 28 7 2 !!! set in the threshold of the Datasource? Should the threshold set somewhere else? The content of common name seems blanks : should it be: commonname, Subject, Subject Alternative Name (SAN)... other? Thanks, Dom
  7. I remove the "+ "&cert.issuedby=" + (($_.Issuer -split ",") |? {$_ -like "CN=*"}) -replace "CN=" `" from the Active Discovery script and now I am getting: Checking why this line is removing everything from the report!!! Thanks, Dom
  8. Everything i listed properly in the test Active Discovery but the report does not show anything anymore !!! Checking ... Thanks, Dom
  9. Everything i listed properly in the test Active Discovery but the report does not show anything anymore !!! Checking ... Thanks, Dom
  10. This should be the last script: ##--------------- Discovery ------------------## $pshost = Get-Host # Get the PowerShell Host. $pswindow = $pshost.UI.RawUI # Get the PowerShell Host's UI. $newsize = $pswindow.BufferSize # Get the UI's current Buffer Size. $newsize.width = 800 # Set the new buffer's width to 800 columns. $pswindow.buffersize = $newsize # Set the new Buffer Size as active. $newsize = $pswindow.windowsize # Get the UI's current Window Size. $newsize.width = 800 # Set the new Window Width to 800 columns. $pswindow.windowsize = $newsize # Set the new Window Size as active. $readOnly = [System.Security.Cryptography.X509Certificates.OpenFlags]"ReadOnly" $localMachine = [System.Security.Cryptography.X509Certificates.StoreLocation]"LocalMachine" $store = new-object System.Security.Cryptography.X509Certificates.X509Store( "\\##SYSTEM.SYSNAME##\my", $localMachine ) $store.Open( $readOnly ) $store.Certificates ` | Select-Object { ` $_.Thumbprint + "##" ` + $_.Issuer + "##" ` + $_.Subject + $_.Issuer + $_.NotAfter + "##" ` + "##" ` + "cert.issuer=" + $_.Issuer ` + "&cert.friendlyname=" + $_.FriendlyName ` + "&cert.serialnumber=" + $_.SerialNumber ` + "&cert.thumbprint=" + $_.Thumbprint ` + "&cert.days=" + ($_.NotAfter - [datetime]::Today).Days ` + "&cert.issuerby=" + (($_.Issuer -split ",") |? {$_ -like "CN=*"}) -replace "CN=" ` } ` | Format-Table -HideTableHeaders ----=================================================================================================---- Thanks, Dom
  11. Find out for the Days there was too many {} ...
  12. For the auto.cert.days appears in the info but the calculation by "{($_.NotAfter - [datetime]::Today).Days}" remains as text not change as value !!!! For the auto.cert.issuerby still not appearing in the info and as it was in before the "days" it might be an issue with the name ... uppercase/lowercase... syntax!!!
  13. After waiting an hour the auto.cert.days finally appears... the field is in but the value if incorrect... but still missing the auto.cert.idssuerby...
  14. It works for me in the Collector Attribute Script but does not work in the Active Discovery Script... I don't get the field split available in my report or in the device info... I tried also the days to expire and I have the same issue as well...