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  1. Hello, This is my selection it should be 43 items but I have only 23 machines after 12 hours which get the datasource! Looking in this issue Thanks, Dom
  2. Hello, I imported the XML and now I am testing on a group of machines... Several machines did not get the datasource at all... For the machines receiving the datasource I have an issue with the parameter "updatecount" It remains empty... Any idea why? THanks, Dom
  3. Hello, I am trying to get a list of patches on each server within Logic Monitor. Is it possible to do so with their status "applied" , "pending" , "failed" etc... The patching is done by WSUS or SCCM but due to Administration issues, access I am trying to use Logic Monitor which is opened to both environment. Thanks, Dom
  4. Hello, I have several Client Machines/Lab Instruments which are disconnecting from several servers when they are getting idle over 120 minutes. Over Clients do not have this issue... with the same servers... Is it possible to get something set in Logic Monitor to catch this issue? Thanks, Dom
  5. Hello, I have the following results: Why the number "-729" is not showing in the DaystoExpire"? Thanks, Dom
  6. Hello, Should I start by a report of all Alerts with Datasource, Device & Datapoint and then create a Dashboard from Report using a "Alert by Device Group via Report"? Thanks, Dom
  7. Hello, Is there multiple ways to create a TOP 5 graphs for all Datasources alerts? - Lines - Pies I tried using a pie but it does not seem to like the number of instances (over 2000)... depending on the group selected... Does "Aggregate Sum" is the correct set or should I use "TOP 10"? Thanks, Dom
  8. Hello, As we have a lot of noise with Microsoft_SQLServer_Troubleshooter version 1.8, I was looking for an upgrade of this datasource? Do we have an upgrade of Microsoft_SQLServer_Troubleshooter v 1.8 Thanks, Dom
  9. Hello, How do I remove a datasource from a specific machine? a group of machines? without touching the original datasource which remains applied to the rest of the environment. Thanks, Dom
  10. Thanks a lot Stuart. Let me read this several times!!!
  11. reading i am confuse if I have to use these properties on each device or is there a way to do it for all devices at one... Thanks, Dom
  12. Hello, "set the jdbc.port property on the device." working on this now... Should it be a custom property as the jdbc properties already define for the cluster: mssql.mssqlserver.mssql_url jdbc:sqlserver://;integratedSecurity=true;applicationIntent=ReadOnly mssql.sqlclent1.mssql_url jdbc:sqlserver://;integratedSecurity=true;applicationIntent=ReadOnly mssql.sqlclent2.mssql_url jdbc:sqlserver://;integratedSecurity=true;applicationIntent=ReadOnly
  13. Yes that was the issue I had... forcing the port works now... Let me try for the global Thanks, Dom
  14. Hello I am not using the port 1433 so it is closed. Let me check how to redirect the port in the script to another port... Thanks, Dom