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  1. Hello, I have two and the column was added ... But still nothing... Any idea? Thanks, Dom
  2. Hello, No a specific report through Alert Report ... Thanks, Dom
  3. Hello, The friendly name is in the field properties in the alert.... How to make it appearing in the report... Thanks, Dom
  4. Hello, What does this error mean? I am trying to collect the information using the "_SSL Certificates Datasource" and Thanks, Dom
  5. Hello, I have the discovery: and the Collector Attributes Looking to add the "FriendlyName" of the certificate on the report... Any idea? Thanks, Dom
  6. I see the Friendly Name in the info on the device: auto.cert.friendlyname SCCM SCUP Signing Certificate
  7. Hello, Is it possible to add the Friendly Name of the Certificate as well? Thanks, Dom
  8. Hello, How could I remove a device from a dynamic group? Do I have to add a new property? Thanks, Dominique
  9. The current properties with the space were input manually. this means the proposal for a PropertySource is completely new
  10. Hello Stuart, What will be the best way to update/clean the existing Properties having a space in their name? PropertySource with a script? some other way(s) to do it? Thanks, Dominique
  11. Hello Stuart, Yes you are correct the GET command line is in the Datasource, But why only 5 machines are sending the alerts? Thanks, Dominique
  12. Hello Stuart, Thank you for this information. The GET is it a Logic Monitor task? Is it to collect information from the server? Is it something else? I don't see anything on the server itself making this GET request??? Who is using this URL/GET? Logic Monitor? The User web site? "" is the end-user URL , but I don't understand what you mean by changing (what?) to ""(where?) As I have the same error on multiple servers I am trying to understand where the error is coming from as I have no complain from the users about thei
  13. Hello, What does the command "GET https://servername:443/ HTTP/1.0" do in Logic Monitor? I have several errors : LMD20115590 warn - servername HTTPS-443 503_error ID: LMD20115590 The SSL page on servername is now returning Error Code 5xx. This started at 2020-08-25 18:24:40 PDT - or 0h 6m ago. the site on the server is: So nothing common with the error... It seems a firewall issue but I wanted to confirm first the purpose of the GET... Thanks, Dominique