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  1. Thanks a lot Stuart. Let me read this several times!!!
  2. reading i am confuse if I have to use these properties on each device or is there a way to do it for all devices at one... Thanks, Dom
  3. Hello, "set the jdbc.port property on the device." working on this now... Should it be a custom property as the jdbc properties already define for the cluster: mssql.mssqlserver.mssql_url jdbc:sqlserver://;integratedSecurity=true;applicationIntent=ReadOnly mssql.sqlclent1.mssql_url jdbc:sqlserver://;integratedSecurity=true;applicationIntent=ReadOnly mssql.sqlclent2.mssql_url jdbc:sqlserver://;integratedSecurity=true;applicationIntent=ReadOnly
  4. Yes that was the issue I had... forcing the port works now... Let me try for the global Thanks, Dom
  5. Hello I am not using the port 1433 so it is closed. Let me check how to redirect the port in the script to another port... Thanks, Dom
  6. Hello, I changed back the DNS name to the IP I am getting a new error: Thanks, Dom
  7. Hello, I saved the xml on my laptop then import it under Settings > Add> From File to _SSL_Certificates_All_Support I will have to dig more as now I have an error I never saw before!!! ' Thanks, Dom
  8. Hello, I created a new DS _SSL_Certificates_all I am getting error for missing instance.. there might be something else preventing these scripts to work... I tried on several devices.... Thanks. Dom
  9. Hello, I have two and the column was added ... But still nothing... Any idea? Thanks, Dom
  10. Hello, No a specific report through Alert Report ... Thanks, Dom
  11. Hello, The friendly name is in the field properties in the alert.... How to make it appearing in the report... Thanks, Dom
  12. Hello, What does this error mean? I am trying to collect the information using the "_SSL Certificates Datasource" and Thanks, Dom
  13. Hello, I have the discovery: and the Collector Attributes Looking to add the "FriendlyName" of the certificate on the report... Any idea? Thanks, Dom
  14. I see the Friendly Name in the info on the device: auto.cert.friendlyname SCCM SCUP Signing Certificate