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  1. While I appreciate the solution, I wouldn't say that this is the same as what was requested. Especially since not everyone is versed in groovy, or any language for that matter.
  2. I'm aware that there are AD and VMware Datasources. However it would be very useful, for our purposes at least, if we could have integrations with these two inventory sources. I would imagine since they are on-premises, that a collector would be a required option unlike the public cloud integrations. Auto Import of server devices, or of the guests from vcenter would be a really great value add. Curious if any other LM customers would also be interested in something like this.
  3. Got a message that these are private when trying to import.
  4. These are very useful thanks! For some reason EMXWRR currently set to private @mnagel
  5. Import successful! Thanks for the info and making this happen for us @Stuart Weenig! Also thanks to the original author @John Duprey!
  6. Thank you much Stuart. I'm not sure what the official approval process is and who's responsible for that. I just saw that Andrey has been really responsive to these sort of submissions.
  7. I guess it more about having it vetted before being released to the general public. Also I don't really have access to the XML, OP does. He just posted the scripts. I have no way to see what data points or settings are being used. Hence the request to vet the submission and approve so we can pull it into our environments.
  8. @Andrey Kitsen You able to show this submission some love?
  9. Its been a year since this was posted, can someone from LM please verify and approve this to the exchange?