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  1. This is great! I could use a little more clarification on a couple of items, if you don't mind. 1. Can I return more than just a numerical value (0/1/2), like a string? A few examples of how it would look in Nagios might be "OK", "Warning: Site has not been backed up in 2 days", or "Critical: Site has not been backed up in 7 days". In other words, can I return a string that gives more clarification to "Warning" or "Critical"? 2. Can you provide me a resource that references all macros (Nagios calls them Macros, not sure what LM calls them) that I can use in the script? You provided me an example macro of ##SYSTEM.HOSTNAME##
  2. I did come across this article while looking for an answer, but it does not indicate where in Logic monitor I would configure something like this. Can you help me in that regard?
  3. Hello, Our company's IT team uses LogicMonitor. I have a background using Nagios. With Nagios, I can run a PowerShell script that returns one of three possible values (OK, WARNING, CRITICAL). I have a script that calls an internal application's API, takes the resulting JSON and parses it looking for specific items. It does some logic on the result and returns a status of OK/WARNING/CRITICAL based on the results. This PowerShell script would be run from the monitoring server. I was told LogicMonitor can only do checks via SNMP & WMI. Can it do custom checks like this? What resource can you point me to to learn more about how to do this?