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  1. I want to be able to export the alerts list to a CSV file so I can do further analysis. I would also need to have the LogicMonitor ID exported for the alert (or a URL for the alert) so that engineers had a quick way of finding work given to them outside of LogicMonitor.
  2. Personally a sort is sufficient. We are unlikely to have enough collectors to warrant a filter. If you get customers with 100 or more collectors then a filter might work better. It would probably be sueful to sort on Platform and Hosts as well. The hosts could be really good as you get to see your most heavily loaded collector.
  3. Can we have the ability to sort the collector page on any of the columns
  4. Has anyone tried to monitor a source which only produces data every few hours. Typically the system in questions processes 1000 items in a burst and this happens randomly every few hours with no activity in between. We\'ve been asked to monitor this for when it stops processing. We don\'t want to set the datasource to only poll every few hours as that will lose accurate flow information. Anyone got any bright ideas?
  5. We have a situation where there is a datapoint every few hours. We would like to know when an update has not happened. A simple way would be for the source to supply the time of last update and for LogicMonitor to be able to alert on (current time - time of last update) > alert level.