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  1. Hi, This has actually been posted on the exchange already, so you should be able to find it if you can’t let me know Kyle
  2. So had another thought and I have managed to write a script to pull in the incidents using Powershell However I have an issue in that the ConvertTo-JSON output returns he below error when setting up the Eventsource Does anyone know if we can use powershell in the uploaded script and how I can use the ConvetTo-JSON? Cheers Kyle
  3. As an example I can get this level of info from Office 365 however I'm not sure the best way to display this in LogicMonitor, Any recommendations would be much appreciated Kyle
  4. Hey, so the Office365 Management API that is used for service status is actually real time, we know this as there are a few other commands you can run to get active ticket references (working on this one now ;-)) and the time Microsoft posted the event. The GraphAPI on the other hand is out of date by approximately 1-2 Days so I couldn't use that one as it wouldn't make sense, Both of these have already passed security so are available now, however thinking about it the Extended one is probably the more useful of the 2 as you get the feature status. Just need to think how I
  5. Hi All, Thought I would share a couple of new datasources I have written to enhance the Office 365 checks that are currently provided by LM, It appears a lot of people have been asking for Office365 Service Status so I knocked the below together: These will use the existing device properties that you have set for Office 365 and will use powershell to get the service information in 2 ways, the first is a simple top level service status so for the below The next check (Extended) shows the status of the features that make up each of the above services
  6. Guess they have to clear security first? I thought mine had but as I've updated some descriptions I guess this goes back for approval again? Kyle
  7. Looks like they have been approved, although no idea how to create a package with them all in so can supply the individual locators for each one addCategory_MacOS_SSH - FCHCFT / MacOS_SSH_CPUMemory - L2XZTW / MacOS_SSH_Info - 7DYF4E / MacOS_SSH_Filesystems - TKNF3L / MacOS_SSH_Uptime - 3K3NN6 / MacOS_SSH_mysql - PWDC6L / MacOS_SSH_Tomcat - M7NXF9 Hopefully these will be helpful for a few people!
  8. Hey Stuart Apologies for the delay in coming back, I've been busy building a few MacOs specific checks as unfortunately the Linux_SSH ones don't work all too well as MacOs doesn't utilise /proc I have managed to get all the good stuff out of the Macs and have also published the Datasources (pending security Review) CPU/Memory/Swap/FilesystemUsage/Uptime and had a hand hack at the process monitoring as well - works ok for my needs, if someone has any other ideas/requirements let me know Cheers Kyle
  9. Hi all, Not sure how easy this one is, we have a couple of MacOS devices used as servers, however I have been unable to get any useful monitoring data out of them using the Linux_SSH based checks Before I go off and start looking to build something, does anyone have anything available? Cheers Kyle
  10. Hi Stuart, That is awesome and seems to be working really well, Its a shame that Salesforce appears to not be having any issues at the minute to prove it! 😁 The incidents would be good if they were only open but the main requirement is current status. Thanks so much for such a quick turn around on this Kyle
  11. Hi All, I have been looking around for a datasource/check that can gather salesforce status page info from here: I did see the stuff and that works great but Salesforce unfortunately don't publish to there. Unfortunately I've not found anything as of yet however if anyone has anything already made it would be much appreciated, if not a pointer to a good starting point would be much appreciated Many thanks Kyle