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  1. I\'m looking to adjust my monitoring thresholds based upon not only time (which I know is supported) but date as well. For example, I expect between the hours of 9AM and 5PM a certain level of traffic, but only for weekdays. During the weekend traffic subsides - but I know those expected ranges as well. How can I create thresholds based upon both date and time. Another use case would be holidays, so I don\'t want to adjust just on M, T, W, R, F, but be able to specify exact dates, etc (preferably through an API so I can distribute the application with its monitoring profile that gets uploaded to LM). Another way to view this is traffic range monitoring - can LogicMonitor do averages based upon date-and-time and then alert if traffic deviates outside its average range. Example, 12PM on Thursday afternoon always averages \'\'40\'\' give or take. If all of a sudden the traffic drops to 20 then an alert would be issued.