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  1. Hey Stuart, Thank you for the input on this, it's much appreciated! Acknowledging an alert in LM does associate the alert with the AutoTask ticket creating that 1 to 1 ratio. My team generally further acknowledges additional alerts to that same ticket, so you will have possibly one ticket with a multitude of alerts associated with it. These additional alerts acknowledged are related - For example ... T20200213.XXXX ... has Host Status, PingLoss alerts associated to the ticket for 3 or 4 different WiFi Access Points. Excuse my attempt at a bad ascii picture of the planned app its
  2. Hello! I've been toying around with the idea of coding up a basic app in the Windows 10 environment that has the following purpose/ functionality: The Goal: - Produce a simple program that lists all assigned tickets by ticket number in a Descending column. While having a LED icon of sorts next to each ticket number... RED/ GREEN to distinguish if that ticket has any active alerts. In Progress / Coding Flow: - Parse currently assigned tickets that are tracking alerts for various devices. (Ticket system being used is AutoTask) - Throw the parsed ticket