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  1. I think you'd have to enable and configure SNMP under 'Devices > platform settings' as well in Cisco FMC and then add the firewall/Lina module of FTD separately in LogicMonitor using inside/outside IP of FTD. That should then show all interfaces as they normally show up on ASAs.
  2. Late to the party (sorry, new to LM itself) but just wondering if any further consideration/progress was made on this feature request? I recently added a Cisco FMC trap in LM. And what would have been a single alarm in our old NMS has generated over 1100 alerts (so far).
  3. was able to add the configSource and it seems to be working great for a couple of quick tests i did. Thank you Antony.
  4. or like the list view in spectrum 🙃's a super useful feature and makes life so much easier where we can quickly check the device type, ip, model etc. within seconds
  5. Hi Antony, getting Import Error for this ConfigSource saying "LogicModule is Private, Cannot Read". Would you be able to change that? Thanks.