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  1. Hey Stuart! I noticed that this morning & was going to reference that in a bit. Glad you noticed it, because I was going to post in the communities asking for some help. We were seeking in having the process actual CPU usage (like we see on TaskManager for example - for the whole CPU). Would be nice if you actually figure out what calculation is required to do that.
  2. ahah that's nice! I'm not an experienced programmer, well, I'm not even a programmer 😄 excuse me for any noob stuff on the code.
  3. Not at all, feel free to use them. I was thinking on submitting a thread in LM Exchange containing those 2 datasources but I didn't wanted to create repeated threads (like I did a couple of days ago 😟). Let me know if we should submit a post within LM Exchange containing those 2 datasources for future record or, if this one is enough for the sharing purpose. Regards,
  4. Please find both datasource within They're named: - Services.xml - WinProcessStats.xml Regards,
  5. Hello guys, Thanks a lot for the feedback & ideas @Mike Moniz & @Stuart Weenig! We really enjoyed Mike suggestion of doing a script to actually poll the data in bulk - per device (instead of 1 query per service/process instance). After reading some documentation & understanding how to use WMI on groovy (with help of some OutOfBox datasources) we ended up by rebuilding those 2 datasources (services & processes) using groovy (making use of the WMI class). They're collecting exactly the same metrics as the out of the box ones & after 2/3 hours in production those
  6. Hello @Stuart Weenig, If I understood it properly, I think we did that already with a custom property to actually filter 'noisy' services using a regex expression (on a group/device level). That helps to create exceptions indeed. However, that leaves us with the same issue still. Due to the reasons I mentioned above.
  7. Hello, We recently cloned 2 Logic Monitor out of the box datasources (name -> WinService- & WinProcessStats-) in order to enable the 'Active Discovery' feature on those. We did this because we've the need to discover services/processes automatically, since we don't have an 'exact list' of which services/processes we should monitor (due to the amount of clients [+100] & the different services/solutions across them) After enabling this it works fine & does what we expect (discovers all the services/processes running in each box), we further added some filters in the acti
  8. Makes sense, will use Github for now. Not at all, feel free to use it @Stuart Weenig!
  9. Hello! I've created a property source (PS script) that will retrieve/populate automatically the 'paloalto.apikey.pass' property within Palo Alto firewalls (since a bunch of datasources require that key). This will be easier than retrieving the api key manually & then create the custom property for each firewall. this will make use of the ssh credentials & also requires a LM apikey in order to actually PATCH the device in question. Sharing this with everyone in case it is useful for you guys as well. I've tried to publish it in LM Exchange but I'm retrieving the error b
  10. Hello @Michael Rodrigues, thanks for sharing this! If possible, please advise once that gets published. In the meanwhile I've used this code (tweaked it a little bit) & created a DataSource for what we want. Downside here is, from what I tested it only works if the LM collector service is running as user (not as local system) but, I guess this does the trick (since we force that service to run as an admin account). Thank you!
  11. Thanks for the feedback @Mike Moniz Totally got your point & makes sense! The share modify is an option, however, we've some picky clients that would consider that a security concern since some shares contain very sensitive information to the company & our service accounts are available for multiple people within our organization. Store the user credentials in LM would be more secure (from a manage point of view) because only a small number of engineers have permission to access the features that could retrieve those stored credentials. I'll explore the 'New-PSDrive' thing
  12. Hello @Mike Moniz, thank you for the quick answer. I'll have a look on it & make sure it suits our needs. Thank you!
  13. Hello, As an MSP we've the need to monitor a lot of directories/shares for the same client. Some of those shares are accessible with the collector user, however, we've some clients that restrict their share to specific users (not the ones running the collector service). I've tried to create a datasource that's a simple runas where we can pass the user/passwd as a parameter, however, that isn't possible to run from the collector level (confirmed by LM staff in a case that I've raised). Can this be implemented? This feature would be very important (since we monitor +100 clients).
  14. Hello, We would like to have the possibility of group interface instance(s) [from different devices/clients]. As an MSP we have the need of creating common thresholds for certain types of interfaces we want to group, reports, dashboards, etc... Within LM we aren't able to group instances from multiple devices/clients. Can this be implemented? Regards,
  15. Hello, As an MSP we've the need to group multiple interface instances (from different devices & different clients as well) in order to set common thresholds, reports, etc... From my research that isn't possible within LM. Anyone able to do that? This would be very useful from the monitoring/management perspective. Regards,
  16. I would be great to have some sort of control over a given 'DataSource' running cycle. We can define the running interval however, we aren't able to define when it'll actually run. For the majority of the DataSources that isn't required, however, for specific DataSources it would be very useful to have that possibility. Regards,
  17. I've used the !tlist indeed however it doesn't help me, because it only shows the scheduled run. I think a great improvement would be having some sort of control over the polling cycles (in terms of when they run). As an MSP & with all the different clients/exceptions, this would be a great help (for specific DataSources).
  18. I've tried that yes, didn't worked for me. Because these scripts require to use the GUI & using the 'Upload Script' doesn't trigger it. I even opened a case with LM but the engineer who picked it said it wasn't possible in this scenario.
  19. Hello everyone, I've setup a datasource that retrieves data from a logfile.txt every 10 minutes (located on the collector itself) . That logfile is populated by another script (from a proprietary language) that runs on the collector VM level (it dumps his different variables within the logfile.txt). The datasource will then retrieve the content of the textfile (using a simple powershell script) & act according to the different datapoints that I've setup - until this point I've no issues (everything working smoothly) My problem starts on the datasource polling/run cycles.