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  1. Yes, creating new DS isn't an optimal/acceptable solution exactly due to that. We need to maintain each DS & if there's a new one released we would need to edit all the other ones to keep everything according... There should just be a way of tweaking this & still maintaining the parent DS.
  2. Hello, This request might not be that easy to achieve, but, it would be very very helpful if we could select/tweak the # consecutive polls to alarm for a certain data point (according to each client necessity) without having to create a NEW DS for each scenario. Not sure if someone brought that in the past already, this a feature we're losing when moving from our old platform & would be extremely appreciated. Essentially we just want to be able to have the WinCPU (for example) with its GLOBAL definitions. But, if Client A requests to alarm on CPU after 3 consecutive polls (differ
  3. Thanks for sharing @Kris! It appears that LM isn't doing that currently via API... interesting
  4. This is actually something we've noticed as well. Our client recently acquired this solution & wanted us to monitor it. We added those devices & it indeed picks some metrics, but, detailed tunnel metrics aren't available. Tried to follow what is stated on the documentation but didn't found that option (to enable the export of the .CSV). Maybe a support case would be faster to have some help here. Since you raised the request I'm suggesting it, otherwise, I can raise one too if you don't mind. Regards,
  5. Yeah @Stuart Weenig is right. We had this type of need in the past (doing some sort of user management) when automating some processes at our company. Unfortunately I no longer have the script 😞 But, this was accomplished on Python & exploring the API v3. What allowed me discover the calls I needed was performing the operation on the browser & then analyzing the calls/etc... with the dev. tools (F12 on Chrome for example).
  6. Not sure if I'm understanding it correctly but, I believe if it returns an error it'll abort the operation & return you the exception. My suggestion is to use try, catch (via groovy instead)... to predict those possible scenario(s) & don't abort the script without following the remaining operations. Not sure if this will help you, but, just a suggestion
  7. Yeah as an MSP, this represents a struggle as well. Since we've a team to handle LM removals/filters. The instruction is to stop alarming prior to removal... This clears anything present for the resource in question. But yeah, it would be nice to have it built-in.
  8. Hello, We've been noticing sometimes when deleting a resource (that has open alarms - previously sent to our SNOW ITOM via integration), CLEAR event(s) - for the respective alarms aren't sent. The same happens with instances that we disable for example. This behavior often leads to stuff filtered on LM but, alarms still open on SNOW. We've started to disable alarming first & only then delete/filter. However, it would be nice if LM had some kind of mechanism that would detect present alarms for the resource/instance in question & send a CLEAR event automatically upon deletion
  9. Totally agree with @DanB! It's really crucial for our monitoring to have this improved ASAP
  10. Yeah, in our case we usually just create a dynamic group & select the devices in question. From there we just do what @mnagel said... by disabling the wanted DS on the 'Alert Tuning' tab.
  11. Hello, Why does the predefined time ranges on the 'metric report' aren't the same as in 'report dashboard' for example? We have a scenario where the 'last 5 hours' would be ideal but, it's missing from the there (however, it exists within the 'dashboard report' one). Is this on purpose? Or it was just forgot in that option? Thanks!
  12. Hello, The scheduler feature could be way better when it comes to define recurring windows. Quick example, we have a client that requires a daily report to be sent every 4 hour. We can say the report will be sent daily but, we're only able to pick one time slot. We can't actually define an interval (like every X hours for example)... That or being able to select multiple time slots (example, at 12 and other at 22)... This would be great if achievable without having to create 5/6 different reports. Thank you!
  13. Recently we had a user deleting (by mistake) a few groups of dashboards (containing very important dashboards for one of our clients). We've only noticed on this 2 weeks after. Since we're on a transition phase we don't want to request support a restore of our portal to that day since that would result in losing a lot of post work (they might not even be able to, since it was >7 days ago). We could've made a 'template' of that dashboard as well (we'll sure do - as a best practice from now on) but unfortunately, that wasn't the case either It would be really nice/safe to have some
  14. Hello, We've been noticing a weird issue ultimately with the 'PingMulti-' data source. Some instances stop working from time to time, however, by disabling/enabling them they start to respond again. This is concerning b/c we've thousands of Ping instances (for our clients) & it doesn't seem to represent a 'REAL' issue. Does anyone faced this in the past? Thank you!
  15. Not sure if you have the same need I had on my organization but, we've developed a simple DS a while ago that fetches some power related metrics. You can find it here Not sure if it helps you out. Thanks!
  16. We've ended up creating a DS to cover our monitoring necessities. In case it's useful for you guys -> here
  17. This would definitely help a lot in the navigation... Specially when having multiple windows (working on multiple resources). I have to scroll up a lot just to don't lose track of the device I'm checking properties, etc...
  18. I believe we might be doing what you want in our environment (it uses the service name & not its display name). Another reason for creating this custom data source was to don't consume so many WMI resources for each box (since it was doing pretty much 1 query per service/instance) on the out of box DS. We've came up with a custom one that does a single WMI query (via groovy) to get all the services & then process the output... This reduced the WMI load substantially since we discover all the services running on a server (as an MSP this is way easier in terms of management).
  19. Understood... Yeah, thankfully we've arranged other solution. Appreciate the help anyway!
  20. We were already doing that. However, we wanted values from other datapoints (gauge, derive, etc...).... Which as per the documentation isn't possible (validated on Friday)
  21. The collection method is SNMP. In the meanwhile, we've managed to sort it out using another method.
  22. Totally understand you... But, for what we want it would really need to access the actual datapoints value... Unfortunately, we'll need to leverage other options. I appreciate your reply anyway mate
  23. Hello, Is there any possibility/workaround of invoking other datapoint values within a Groovy Complex DP? Thank you!
  24. Nope, those aren't discoverable. They're set manually by us (client status, domain in our ticketing tool, etc...)