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  1. I would be great to have some sort of control over a given 'DataSource' running cycle. We can define the running interval however, we aren't able to define when it'll actually run. For the majority of the DataSources that isn't required, however, for specific DataSources it would be very useful to have that possibility. Regards,
  2. I've used the !tlist indeed however it doesn't help me, because it only shows the scheduled run. I think a great improvement would be having some sort of control over the polling cycles (in terms of when they run). As an MSP & with all the different clients/exceptions, this would be a great help (for specific DataSources).
  3. I've tried that yes, didn't worked for me. Because these scripts require to use the GUI & using the 'Upload Script' doesn't trigger it. I even opened a case with LM but the engineer who picked it said it wasn't possible in this scenario.
  4. Hello everyone, I've setup a datasource that retrieves data from a logfile.txt every 10 minutes (located on the collector itself) . That logfile is populated by another script (from a proprietary language) that runs on the collector VM level (it dumps his different variables within the logfile.txt). The datasource will then retrieve the content of the textfile (using a simple powershell script) & act according to the different datapoints that I've setup - until this point I've no issues (everything working smoothly) My problem starts on the datasource polling/run cycles. The script running at the collector VM runs every 10 minutes (00:00, 00:10, 00:20, etc...) & it takes a maximum of 5 minutes to run. What I would like to accomplish is having the datasource in question running right after that maximum run time (.e.g - 00:06, 00:16, etc... ). I noticed that the polling cycle(s) change sometimes (arbitrarily) & I cannot force those to run (when I want). Is there any way that I can accomplish this? Thanks guys!! Regards,