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  1. We need a way to be able to specify the Title of any graph when we are creating reports. The OOTB method uses a very un-discernable title for something simple as CPU USAGE. It displays: "WinCPU with instance * on datapoint CPUBusyPercent". Any client looking at this report is going to ask WTH does this mean? We need a way to be able to specify the %TITLE% on each Datasource we specify when building a report. IF you can add a column to the DataPoints section called Title: Example in the above report each category is titled with: CPU Usage % title is: WinCPU with instance * on datapoint CPUBusyPercent Memory Usage % title is: WinOS with instance * on datapoint MemoryUtilizationPercent Disk Usage % title is: WinVolumeUsage- with instance * on datapoint PercentUsed Bandwidth In: WinIf- with instance * on datapoint BytesReceivedPerSec Bandwidth Out: WinVolumeUsage- with instance * on datapoint PercentUsed None of these titles make any sense to anyone who's trying to read the graphs. Can we please just have a way to specify the title.
  2. Can you please add an Inventory\List tab on the RHS (right hand side) when we have a group selected. Its very annoying that I cannot just get a full list of all the objects in a group/folder quickly and easily thru the main GUI and have to do this thru a "Report" When I click on a group I just want to see all the devices\items in that group on the RHS and have all the properties I choose to select to view for example: name,ip,OS,mac,class type(computer/router/switch), etc.. Why is there no List/Inventory view OOTB in the GUI? I also need to be able to export the list quickly to any format, HTML, CSV, PDF so I can send a quick list report to whoever is requesting this. I don't want to have to go into Reports and then have to choose the group to run the report on. This is basic what's in this folder/group behavior.
  3. Can you please add the AUDIT tab on the RHS (right hand side) for any device you have selected from under Resources/Websites. I want to quickly check who/what updates were made to the device I selected and why do I have to go into an entirely different section (Settings > Audit) to then check and search for the audit history on the device I selected. Please add this to the GUI so I can just quickly check the history on the device selected.
  4. Please add a GUI settings based on user profile that would allow me to disable the auto-expanding of and object in the Resources tree when I click on it Currently any item in the navigation tree when you click on it auto opens and expands to show all its sub items. Why? The tree should just expand if I click on the > next to the items name. Why do you automatically show everything under the resource. If there's 20+ items I have to then scroll down past this to get to the next item. Why are you using different behavior in your GUI? Asking for a setting that controls this so I can disable this behavior.
  5. Hi Mike. I disagree. Why does the GUI no behaving like 99% of the rest of the programs out there. If you click on the device it should just display its contents in the details side. If you click on the ">" arrow next to the device name then expand the device to show its sub-contents. This should be a toggle switch setting in your user specific profile. I'll open a feature request then on this.
  6. Is there a way to disable the LM GUI from auto-expanding the device when you click on it. I hate this behavior. I want to just go thru the full list of devices in a group 1x1 but when I click on them, it auto expands the device showing all metrics its collecting. I have to then close that device and then scroll down to the next device and repeat. How do you stop this behavior?
  7. This situation that brought this up was say for example: Client_A says stop all monitoring, stop all the WMI/SNMP calls to our devices or they don't pay their monitoring bill, whatever. We'd like an option on Client_A's parent group folder to just stop all monitoring, pause it. Someone suggested we could un-check all the Data Sources in the Alarm Tuning tab BUT that would ruin all the customized data sources we already checked/unchecked for the clients environment. If the client told us what to monitor and what not to monitor, so in those 500+ Data Sources we unchecked like 100+ of them. If we wanted to disabled all monitoring I could not just un-check all the DS's in this tab b/c if we need to re-enable it all it will check everything back on. What I'm was looking for was just a property settings at the parent group level that could "STOP ALL MONITORING" or just PAUSE it. That way if Client_A says ok please continue monitoring, we can then turn monitoring back on, we can just toggle the variable and everything will go back to monitoring as it was. Some might suggest just stopping the collector service but in some situations we don't have access to the collector box. So can't use this option.
  8. ^+1 we need this as well. We have scripts that need to be ran at specific intervals after the data source is been collected to check that data.
  9. Is there a custom property in the INFO tab on a Group that we can specify that will STOP all monitoring on that groups and its sub group(s)? If not can there be one added like DISABLE_MONITOIRNG=true I'm asking b/c the situation came up where due to licensing we have to PAUSE the monitoring of AWS instances. I don't want to delete these profiles since they are already setup and configured. Just want to PAUSE or Disable the monitoring till the clients are fully on-boarded into the platform.