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  1. Hey Stu, So as an MSP, we get asked all the time from client(s) and new potential new clients what'sour monitoring template for each different technology. We needed to create an excel sheet with each different Technology and then listed each UIM probe, what it collected and if it alerted what threshold it alerted at, the time it polled, samples etc.. Example Windows Base Template: We had an excel workbook with 30+ different technologies each on their own tab that were the mostly commonly in use and could share that with clients. I saw that export option but that isn't going to help b/c that exports into XML. I need a csv format. I can't send an xml to client(s) and say go read that. 😛 Regarding your questions: Not sure I get why the report doesn't fit the bill. Feel free to expound on that. >> B/c that lists every single datapoint instance. I need just the general what would be picked up by the monitoring tool. (See pic above) In the meantime, to summarize your needs: for each DataSource that has instances, show each datapoint's name, description, and threshold (if there is a threshold). Is that right? >> Yes this is correct. Exactly or as similar to what's listed in the pic above. As an incentive to me can i get a little quid pro quo? >> I know many LM users get asked this all the time. I know we did and will and will need to re-create this with LM as our new tool.
  2. So we are in the final phases of rolling out LogicMonitor and now the daunting process of Alert Tuning has rolled upon us. In our old monitoring solution we has it very much tweaked and customized and overall all alerts were around ~400-600ish. In LogicMonitor we are currently at 13000+. We need to seriously tune up the Datasources and we need a way to show our SME's what each datasource is monitoring and what it alerts on, what thresholds, etc.. Is there a way to export the Datasource's Monitoring Template to a CSV file so that we can reference that and our SME's can then say turn off, adjust etc.. I see in the reports section there is a "Alert Threshold Report" but that lists out every single datapoint instance on a group/resource and we don't want that. We need what the base DS template looks at and uses and applies to each matching resource.
  3. Thanks Guys for the replies. Just wanted to make sure it isn't possible to have 2 instances on one box.
  4. Hi Stu, No let me clarify. We have Collector01 running and it's monitoring a SQL Box (say SQL001) We have specific AD creds that were created for monitoring this client environment and those creds are specified via the wmi.user\pass properties. The jdbc.user\pass properties are also set using the SQL Specific AD user but all the SQL metrics are "NoData" We dont' get anything from SQL Datasource. I mean we see the databases in the Resource Tree under SQL001 but everythings is "NoData" We have a different Windows AD SQL Account that we monitor the SQL DB Boxes with today (using other tool UIM) but its a windows account. According to https://www.logicmonitor.com/support/monitoring/applications-databases/microsoft-sql-server the jdbc.mssql.user cannot be a Windows Account. It can only be a local SQL user w/in the SQL DB. That's is a user we will not get. jdbc.mssql.user jdbc.mssql.pass SQL Server username and password. This cannot be a Windows user account. This account must have the minimum SQL Server permissions described in the previous Provide Credentials section of this support article. So in order to monitor the SQL Boxes we need the collector service running as the SQL AD User that has access to the SQL DB's. I was asking on the collector box that we have today if we can run a 2nd instance on the same existing Collector01 box, and have that 2nd instance run as the SQL AD User and we throw all the SQL Boxes under that 2nd Collector instance That is the issue we found with the SQL Datasource. The LM Collector service has to "Run As" the user that has the access to the SQL DB. We tried specifiying the wmi.user/pass of the SQL User but it didn't work.
  5. I was wondering is it possible to have 2 collector instances running on the same box? Asking this b/c monitoring SQL Server requires the collector to be running as the actual Windows User that has access to the SQL DB or the jdbc user property cannot be a windows account. It must be a local SQL built in user. We are not getting a local user that's in SQL from our clients and we have a different service account that is for LM monitoring but its not the one we use for SQL access. That's a different user. So I was wondering if it was possible to run a 2nd collector instance on the box we have already and have that instance run as the Windows SQL user that has the access to the SQL DB.
  6. Ahhh Thank you Stu... didn't notice that drop down..
  7. So question when setting up Website profiles, we need to alert if a status page contains either "Degraded' or "Down" or a multiple different status states.. Does the Response section allow for regEx statements? In our other tool we could specify /.*(DOWN|DEGRADED).*/ but so far no regex pattern that works elsewhere works in this profile section. Does it support regEx in this response section?
  8. Hello, wondering if @PeterMattsson or anyone else got a better mechanism to export the alerts into a easier human readable format? The export to CSV via the reports feature is plain and not very easily understandable for someone to look at analyze. We have Power Bi so that might be an option if there isn't anything easier.
  9. BUMPing.. We are learning of this now as we are starting to implement LM and this is horrible. There has to be a solution for this? Why does LM not correlate the same event and just increase the count of that same alert/trap on the Alert Console? We don't need 1000 different alerts that all pertain to the same event/trap.
  10. Just FYI on that Dashboards page these links don't work: Both get "Page not Found"
  11. Will re-running the netscan csv import with the right path fix this or it won't import b/c device already exists?
  12. 330 devices... 😕 Is there a way to do a massive delete then?
  13. Is there a way to move a huge number of devices into a new group in one shot? I did an NetScan CSV import and specified the wrong folder. Is there a way to now move all these into the correct group w/o having to delete then re-import again?
  14. It's the one you sent above: https://www.logicmonitor.com/support/logicmodules/about-logicmodules/keeping-your-datasources-up-to-date/ in this picture it shows a "show diff" but when you in the actual "Import Dialog" it just has 3 status "New"and "Updated - in use / not in use" You have to actually click on the "Updated - xxxx" status and it then pops up the diff window.
  15. nice thank you... Just FYI that LM Doc page on the Repository shows a "Show Diff" but that isn't listed when you do an import. Is that an 2.0 thing? To show the diff you have to click on the Status column entry to see the diff page.