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  1. Does anyone know if there is a way to include the Instance Group Name as a column in a report? I tried: instance.group / ##INSTANCEGROUP## / system.deviceGroupId but none of these worked. So under any DS you can add an Instance Group and I need to include that Group Name in the inventory report. Its not listed as a property on the Instances INFO page. Thanks,
  2. Hello, Any progress or update here still? We are going thru the headache of managing SDT's and I cannot believe there is no way to specify days of the week in one rule? I have to create 5 different Weekly Rules for each day that I need to define. Also why is there no way to duplicate SDT's or apply to many different Machines/Devices and also Instance Level objects. (example processes or Windows Services). This is severely lacking in functionality.
  3. BUMPING!!!! We need this. I was asked to exclude services on multiple boxes for 10 services between a specific set time. M-F 11PM-5AM There is no way as I see it to specify M-F 11PM-5AM in one SDT but have to create a Weekly one and select Monday and repeat this 5x for every service for every machine. Why is there no DUPLICATE button/function or way to create SDT schedules so i can apply this to multiple things at once?
  4. Hello can anyone from LM who wrote the Exchange related Data Sources chime in here? We need the above KPI's for DAG related metrics to properly monitor Exchange. The terminology difference is not clear for which Exchange DS Data Points correlate to the above ones we need to monitor.
  5. We are looking for these specific DAG metrics in LogicMonitor: ContentIndexState Indicates the current state of the content index for a database copy. CopyQueueLength-DAG Shows the number of transaction log files waiting to be copied to the passive copy log file folder. A copy isn't considered complete until it has been checked for corruption. DAG Network Down One or more networks supporting the database availability group are not operating properly on this server. Database copies status-DisconnectedAndHealthy
  6. Hi @Stuart Weenig so getting back to this thread, so the Alert Threshold Report is a good start but still not what we need exactly. We need a similar report but one that can pull data from the DataSources as a source to base the report on. This should be OOTB and not have to be done thru a script. It would be very helpful for those who need this type of report if the OOTB "Alert Threshold Report' included the DataPoint description as a column in the report? Is that possible?
  7. Yeah that's a work around but I don't want to be wasting extra time looking thru a script export when this functionality should be present in the tool. Example here a page form the former tool where it lists all the metrics a specific probe( aka datasource) monitors: https://techdocs.broadcom.com/us/en/ca-enterprise-software/it-operations-management/ca-unified-infrastructure-management-probes/GA/alphabetical-probe-articles/cdm-cpu-disk-memory-performance-monitoring/cdm-metrics.html
  8. Hello, is there a way to search for a specific datasource metric from w/in the Datasources page(s)? For instances in our previous tool they have online help and every probe listed every single metric that the probe could poll and description of that metric from the specific technology it was probing. I don't see a way to do that in LogicMonitor. Example I am looking for Exchange DAG copy queue length metric but searching for that metric "queue" "DAG" "copy" no results show up. The DataSource page search just seems to look at the DS names. It doesn't look at the defined datapoints defined
  9. So what then do I need to do to get LM to use the Linux_SSH DS to monitor this box? The system.categories property is empty. Okay: figured it out. 🤬 So first for the Linux_SSH DS's to be applied they only work on devices who's system.categories contain hasCategory("Linux_SSH"). So I checked the property source "addCategory_Linux_SSH" and when I tested it against the device above it failed. 😕 I re-entered the password, retested and then the test above worked. The system.categories got populated with "Linux_SSH" and then forced a AD and DS rematch and I finally got t
  10. Hi Mike, maybe I'm not explaining enough. The only thing discovered on by LM after applying the ssh.user\pass properties is nothing but the very basic metrics There's no CPU/Disk/Memory, etc... I'm asking if the user we created 'lmsvc' does it have to be part of the root group since after running "Active Discovery" again with the properties applied LM still doesn't find anything from any DS still. This is just a new local user on this box.
  11. So as a test we created a new user on a linux box and specified this user on the properties of the linux system (ssh.user/ssh.pass) Forced a Active Discovery and DS re-match and its been 1hr so far and its still under "minimal monitoring". We don't want to use snmp, so for ssh only systems what are the required permissions needed for ssh to work? Does the user have to be part of the root group? Was looking at this page: https://www.logicmonitor.com/support/monitoring/os-virtualization/linux-via-ssh-monitoring but there is no mention of permissions needed on the user.
  12. So I cannot seem to find the Search bar anymore in the community here? Was it hidden? If I do a Ctrl+F in chrome and look for "search" it does find something but its hidden it seems. How are we supposed to look for previous threads?
  13. Hi Stu, Yeah this is an area in which I see LogicMonitor really falls flat on. Falls behind in what our current tool (CA UIM) allows us to do. Full Alert management. With UIM we had full control over all the alerts that were generated and can create rules, exclusions, schedules on all alerts so we could manage all alerts much better. With LogicMonitor its really here deal with all these alerts and there is no fine tuning after the fact. LM really needs this essential functionality added to the product road map ASAP. But anyway is there no way to do this from LM?