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  1. So what then do I need to do to get LM to use the Linux_SSH DS to monitor this box? The system.categories property is empty. Okay: figured it out. 🤬 So first for the Linux_SSH DS's to be applied they only work on devices who's system.categories contain hasCategory("Linux_SSH"). So I checked the property source "addCategory_Linux_SSH" and when I tested it against the device above it failed. 😕 I re-entered the password, retested and then the test above worked. The system.categories got populated with "Linux_SSH" and then forced a AD and DS rematch and I finally got t
  2. Hi Mike, maybe I'm not explaining enough. The only thing discovered on by LM after applying the ssh.user\pass properties is nothing but the very basic metrics There's no CPU/Disk/Memory, etc... I'm asking if the user we created 'lmsvc' does it have to be part of the root group since after running "Active Discovery" again with the properties applied LM still doesn't find anything from any DS still. This is just a new local user on this box.
  3. So as a test we created a new user on a linux box and specified this user on the properties of the linux system (ssh.user/ssh.pass) Forced a Active Discovery and DS re-match and its been 1hr so far and its still under "minimal monitoring". We don't want to use snmp, so for ssh only systems what are the required permissions needed for ssh to work? Does the user have to be part of the root group? Was looking at this page: https://www.logicmonitor.com/support/monitoring/os-virtualization/linux-via-ssh-monitoring but there is no mention of permissions needed on the user.
  4. So I cannot seem to find the Search bar anymore in the community here? Was it hidden? If I do a Ctrl+F in chrome and look for "search" it does find something but its hidden it seems. How are we supposed to look for previous threads?
  5. Hi Stu, Yeah this is an area in which I see LogicMonitor really falls flat on. Falls behind in what our current tool (CA UIM) allows us to do. Full Alert management. With UIM we had full control over all the alerts that were generated and can create rules, exclusions, schedules on all alerts so we could manage all alerts much better. With LogicMonitor its really here deal with all these alerts and there is no fine tuning after the fact. LM really needs this essential functionality added to the product road map ASAP. But anyway is there no way to do this from LM?
  6. Is it possible from the debug console to reboot the collector box? If so what command can I use to do this? TIA..
  7. Hello, so I was wondering if it was possible to create a Dynamic Device Group based on if box(es) were running a particular windows service ("ServiceNow"). I was looking at the Dynamic Device Group help and it only had a few examples for the custom query. Is there a full, comprehensive list of what options are available? Example the "hascategory()" function/test is listed where exactly in the help? And back to my original request can a Dynamic Device Group, group the machines that are running a particular Windows Service? I couldn't figure this out so I just went with a new Pro
  8. So I was asked if we can include all the different Citrix box roles in our Dynamic Citrix Group which looks for any devices that has the Category with different Citrix property sources. For reference there are Citrix StoreFronts (SF) >> Deskstop Delivery Controlers (DDC) >> Provisioning Services Servers (PVS) >> XenApp Farm Servers So for the PVS servers I did created a new Property Source entry and used Embedded Groovy Script and took the content from another PS and just modified the contains xxxx section: import com.santaba.agent.groovyapi.win32.WMI; //==
  9. Hey Stu, So as an MSP, we get asked all the time from client(s) and new potential new clients what'sour monitoring template for each different technology. We needed to create an excel sheet with each different Technology and then listed each UIM probe, what it collected and if it alerted what threshold it alerted at, the time it polled, samples etc.. Example Windows Base Template: We had an excel workbook with 30+ different technologies each on their own tab that were the mostly commonly in use and could share that with clients. I saw that export option but that
  10. So we are in the final phases of rolling out LogicMonitor and now the daunting process of Alert Tuning has rolled upon us. In our old monitoring solution we has it very much tweaked and customized and overall all alerts were around ~400-600ish. In LogicMonitor we are currently at 13000+. We need to seriously tune up the Datasources and we need a way to show our SME's what each datasource is monitoring and what it alerts on, what thresholds, etc.. Is there a way to export the Datasource's Monitoring Template to a CSV file so that we can reference that and our SME's can then say turn
  11. Thanks Guys for the replies. Just wanted to make sure it isn't possible to have 2 instances on one box.
  12. Hi Stu, No let me clarify. We have Collector01 running and it's monitoring a SQL Box (say SQL001) We have specific AD creds that were created for monitoring this client environment and those creds are specified via the wmi.user\pass properties. The jdbc.user\pass properties are also set using the SQL Specific AD user but all the SQL metrics are "NoData" We dont' get anything from SQL Datasource. I mean we see the databases in the Resource Tree under SQL001 but everythings is "NoData" We have a different Windows AD SQL Account that we monitor the SQL DB Boxes with today (using other too
  13. I was wondering is it possible to have 2 collector instances running on the same box? Asking this b/c monitoring SQL Server requires the collector to be running as the actual Windows User that has access to the SQL DB or the jdbc user property cannot be a windows account. It must be a local SQL built in user. We are not getting a local user that's in SQL from our clients and we have a different service account that is for LM monitoring but its not the one we use for SQL access. That's a different user. So I was wondering if it was possible to run a 2nd collector instance on the box we ha
  14. Ahhh Thank you Stu... didn't notice that drop down..