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  1. @Andrey Kitsen regarding the users for this datasource "Requires rubrik.user & rubrik.pass be set." what permissions does the user require. I have a client asking for the minimum permissions needed and I'm looking for any documentation to provide him from an official source. Also still don't see any of the dashboards on github. Any ETA on these? Thanks!!!
  2. Hi Stu, if we don't have an ssh user/pass then we need to still use the old method? What's a simple OOTB snmp DS that I can use to clone, change the OID to poll to create this custom DS? Its for monitoring MISP jobs status?
  3. Hello, someone asked me to add this to our LM and sent me this article yet I'm not an ant so I can't see what those screenshots are showing. Can LM doc folks please update this articles pictures with a larger size or if you click on it to actually show what its trying to show. Article here: https://www.logicmonitor.com/blog/extend-net-snmp-how-to-teach-an-old-snmpd-new-tricks/
  4. While investigating an incident we had, looking at the Alerts Tab while in Resources View, there is a column that is called: "In SDT" which turns out is useless. It just means "is the devices currently, at this very moment, in a SDT window" and not if the alerts you are looking at, which may or may not have already cleared occurred while the device was in a SDT window. This would make so much more sense and be actually useful if this column indicated that. I don't care if the device is currently IN a SDT state, I can tell that from looking at its icon in the tree b/c it has the clock icon overlay. What we need to know is when looking at a devices "Cleared" alerts from a historical perspective, alerts that got generated, the "In SDT" column should tell me was it during a SDT window. This would make so much more sense and actually be useful.
  5. Has anyone done anything regarding Citrix NetScaler License Expiry monitoring? We don't see anything OOTB for this and we need this. Anyone have any custom DS's or suggestions?
  6. Hi Mike. Thanks for the info. I'm not sure if that specific collector Datapoint is displaying that graph correctly b/c I know we had like 100's of failed tasks for the XenApp_* datasources that spawned my support issues in the 1st place. This was based on BatchScripts. The graph is showing only .0046t/s : "# of tasks /second that are being scheduled that are still waiting for a thread from a previously scheduled task." Unavailable Thread Scheduling: I looked into this b/c was getting huge gaps in this DS's DataPoints. Once we bumped up the batchscript thread count it started working so far nicely. We'll see over the weekend how it holds up.
  7. Hey Stu!!! I already have a case open asking but figured I'd post in here if anyone else knew. Searching didn't' find anything either so asked. Once I get a response I'll update.
  8. Hello, I'm looking at tweaking my collectors b/c I see these collection services are maxed out. esx-service snmp-selector webpage-async-workers What settings in the collector config can I bump up to improve these collection services? I searched for these specific sections but some don't find any specific to these exactly.
  9. So how do I search for these in the repository? Is there a "FireEye" DS available?
  10. So when generating an "Alert Report" is there a column that includes the actual alert message details? I tried all the columns and all combinations of "message" or "detail" but nothing gives me the actual details of the alert. Why is this not available? We need to give an alert report to our clients/systems teams and if its missing this details its useless. Is there a hidden column, attribute property that I can added to the report template that would grab this info? Example: Alert Message: LMD244902791 error - EXCH102 Cluster Manager Monitoring-Cluster monitoring in absence monitored ID: LMD244902791 Please add 'ECDAG03'into monitoring in order to retrieve cluster related metrics This started at 2021-01-08 13:41:24 EST - or 623h 30m ago. But in the Alert Report the only column that has part of this is the "INSTANCE" column and it just has: Windows_Cluster_Node_ClusterMonitoring-Cluster monitoring in absence This is just one example but many alerts are like this where the good detailed stuff isn't available in the alert report, thus making the whole alert report pretty useless. End users who have to deal with the alert then have to go into LM and look at each alert to see the details.
  11. Nice, thanks Ryan for the update. Looking forward to this finally.
  12. Found it.. 🤨 Who ever designed this section should really follow the same naming convention as the rest of the tool. It was listed in the REPORTS section as "End". The rest of the tool uses when and alert clears its called: "Cleared On" or "Cleared On" in the Alerts pages under Resources and the Alerts Section. Sure why not make it non-consistent for your end users.
  13. Hello just wondering if I'm missing something or when generating an "Alert" report is there no way to display the "Cleared" data column? I tried searching for it in the "Add Custom Column(s)" dialog but nothing turned up related to the time when the alert cleared. I tired 'cleared', 'closed', 'resolved'. What am I not thinking of? This is an absolute must needed column in an alerts report.
  14. Hello bumping, Any LM PM's here who can respond? This shouldn't be hard and would really make this portion of the tool easier to work with.