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  1. Thanks Kerry, turns out my problem was er... me. I didn't realise that someone else had already added them and I wasn't aware they no longer appear in the repository if they're already added XD
  2. Hi Kerry I had a look there first and the only ones starting with 'Linux' in my list are: Linux Disk Inodes Linux_Sensors_Fans Linux_Sensors_Temperature Linux_Sensors_Voltage Do I need to look at a different server than ?
  3. I can't find any of these except the one you gave the code for. Does anyone have the codes for the other linux SSH datasources?
  4. Hi Can we please get the 'Threshold History' and a 'Last Modified' date as optional columns in the Alert Thresholds report. This would allow a huge time saving in reviewing modified thresholds. Currently we have to run the report which results in hundreds of entries, each of which then requires someone to go to the corresponding device, locate the alert, go into edit the thresholds in order to view the history and time the change was made. This current method is not practical now when we've just started using LogicMonitor let alone when we add hundreds more devices.
  5. Hi guys I've notice that the audit logs don't capture all events all the time. EG When changing a threshold on an alert the accompanying note is only captured by auditing some of the time. This makes me worry about what else is not being captured reliably. Support suggested I log this as a feature request so please make auditing capture ALL events ALL the time. Thanks.