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  1. Thanks very much, Mike. > I generally don't like to have LM DataSources attempt to communicate back to LM itself, I personally find it a bit hacky and avoid it unless there isn't another solution. Agreed. It feels icky to me too. > Try looking at Complex DataPoints rather then have a DataSources that attempts to re-process it's own data. My impression is that complex data points cannot go back in time to look at older samples. If that's true, then I don't think they will meet my needs in this instance. The alert logic needs to look at the last hour of history and make
  2. Hello. We're in the process of migrating some complex alerts from Zabbix to LogicMonitor, and I'd like to be sure we're on the right track. Here's an example of some complex alert logic using the builtin Zabbix expressions and operators: ( {-MyTemplate:MyDataItem.last()} >= 10 ) or ( ( {-MyTemplate:MyDataItem.last()} > {-MyTemplate:MyDataItem.prev()} ) and ( {} >= 3 ) and ( {,1800)} >= 1 ) and ( {-MyTemplate:MyDataItem.last()} = {-MyTemplate:MyDataItem.max(3600)} ) ) At a high level, thi