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  1. Yes. We are able to update components and have them show degraded and resolve them as well. We add the componentid to the info of the resource. Then we put these lines in the custom http delivery integration Good Luck! Mike
  2. This is great! I'll drop by integration json in here as well: { "enabledStatus": [ "active", "clear" ], "parseMethod": "jsonPath", "name": "StatusPage.IO Demo", "ack": null, "clear": { "headers": [ { "Authorization": "********" } ], "password": "********", "method": "patch", "payload": "{\"incident\":{\"message\":\"Alert From LogicMonitor: ##HOST## CLEARED\",\n\"status\":\"resolved\",\n\"name\":\"Alert From LogicMonitor
  3. We were able to get a basic HTTP integration started for We are also looking for a Jira integration if anyone is working on that I submitted the .json file to the GitHub repository. If Kerry gives it his blessing, maybe add it in and share the link? Cheers! Mike