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  1. Hello, I have recently seen a few of these tickets com across the board and was wondering if anyone would be able to give me a quick breakdown as to what this actually is and what the benefits would be to add this into the instance. SQL Server Troubleshooter-MSSQLSERVER Missing JDBC connection string. Manually add one to mssql.mssqlserver.mssql_url or check login informations exitCode A Microsoft SQL server has configuration problems or a logon error. MSSQLSERVER Missing JDBC connection string. Manually add one to mssql.mssqlserver.mssql_url or check login informations Th
  2. Hello, I was wondering if there was a possibility to impose a duration constraint on a threshold in LogicMonitor... I see where you can enable dynamic alters but was not sure if they would look back to the duration of the alert rather than just a floating data point that it would attempt to normalize. Thanks in Advance
  3. Thanks Guys! One further question i would have then is referring to licensing... If I am only monitoring one Cloud Access Controller then that would mean i am only burning one device license at that point correct?
  4. Hello, I was wondering if anyone out there would be able to help me out with the proper way to monitor multiple Meraki devices. The use case will be to have the ability to monitor one Meraki Firewall and multiple Meraki switches in multiple sites. However from my understanding they are under one cloud access URL. What would the best coarse of action to monitor these devices to get individual device statistics? Thanks in Advance
  5. Hello, Sorry for the extreme delay in getting back here.... At this point in time i am just trying to get something mapped. I would like to attempt creating some of these topology maps in hopes to get a little more of a detailed view into some of the environments that are being discovered. If i am understanding this correctly since there are only 3 topology sources Kubernetes, Networking and, VMware. These would be the only things that i have the ability to attempt to discover against correct? Also is there something that i have to manually do in order to apply the
  6. @Mike Moniz Awesome Thank You for that explanation! I have a few follow ups... 1. As far as "Load" when looking at the sizing chart i am not seeing anything that says if you have "X" number of machines you need this many collectors. Is there anything that you do when looking at a new environment to determine the appropriate size/amount of collectors? 2. When splitting from Site-to-Site or segmented networks - would you just create a collector group and then add the discovered devices specific to that site/segment to be monitored by that particular collector?
  7. Hello, I have recently seen an issue with the LM service taking down a few ESX hosts. The issue appears to have been caused by inadvertently applying ESXi credentials from the parent group. What had happened was that once the systems were moved into monitoring, the credentials that were imported to the root directory were used for discovery. This caused the root account to be locked out and then hostd service to become so overwhelmed that the hosts needed to be restarted. Esentially it was DDoS'ing the systems so they needed to be rebooted after the LM services were stopped. Below is
  8. Hello, I was wondering in what the scenario would you need more than one collector deployed in an environment. Also would you suggest a virtual appliance that sits in the datacenter or a physical appliance that monitors externally? Thanks in Advance
  9. Hello, I am attempting to check out the Mapping tab and i am able to add a resource but there is nothing in the outgoing or incoming edges. I am also not seeing any way to add these manually. The other thing that i am getting hung up on is the ability to add and manage ERI's and ERT's where is this in the settings tab? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in Advance!