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  1. @Michael Rodrigues thanks for the response. When I initially talked to support I was told it was for SmartZone not Zone Director and its actually the other way rounnd. I have it all working fine under the ZoneDirector and it produces some very good info, and have the MIB reference for the SmartZone. I copied the Data Sources and renamed them to SZ from ZD and changed the reference points. It was working mostly then it decided to stop going and threw an error from the collector, and I was having issues getting information from the AP's themselves. I'm still figuring out a bunch of it but I hope to produce something thats useful for others and that LM or the community could build on. I'm hoping to get to spend a bit more time on this and see if I can replicate the current beta ZD DataSources for SZ/vSZ but as we only have it as a trial currently I'm not sure if I'll get time to do it before it finishes.
  2. Hi All. I have been given the Beta DataSources for the Ruckus system and I was initially told this was for Zone Director and then for Smart Zone. Has anyone managed to get this to work correctly on Smat Zone, or does anyone know how I can contact the team to discuss this module? Specific issue is that theres no Ruckus System info being pulled via SNMP. I'm going to try some debug tasks, but would appreciate a chat if anyone's already been down this road so I don't reinvent the wheel