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  1. There's also some improvement that could be done on handling name collisions from LM Exchange. Right now there appear to be no guard-rails to prevent clobbering an existing LogicModule with a different one which is named the same. Specific example: I was looking at this post and imported the first mentioned DataSource J7RGZY named "LogicMonitor_PortalMetrics". At the end of the thread there's another one mentioned, GJNN46 and I imported it to see how it differed. Nope!! The latter is also named "LogicMonitor_PortalMetrics" and importing it silently obliterated the first one. In this case they are different versions of the same DS but it could be a big problem if they were for completely different purposes but had the same name. Our portal is v123 and apparently there's some improvements in v124 for importing, but I feel that even showing a diff (like when updating from the Repository) wouldn't be enough protection. If it's different authors and/or Datapoint names I think the Import confirmation screen should have some big red warning message. Even better would be some option to import and have a different name, to allow trying out both. (Even just changing the name is enough to dissociate from the Exchange and make it an "Unpublished DataSource". That's annoying!)